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From this page you should find email addresses (I've got rid of them as links) to any McQueen on the Internet that I know about and who has given permision for me to include their details. The email addresses are disguised so they shouldn't be picked up by spam bots. If you want to be included or excluded :-( then please email me at

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  1. Colin cmcqueen FROM NAME=Colin McQueen, Southampton, UK 002 This is of course me! Born Whitley Bay. Below are my wife. My father is William McQueen and my mother Elsie (formerly Henderson). My dad's side are from the Newcastle upon Tyne area.
  2. Kathy kmcqueen FROM NAME=Kathleen McQueen, Southampton, UK 002 My wife. Formerly Parry-Jones born Stepney. She's a qualified secondary school Science teacher and RGN nurse with an MA to boot! She has recently moved into School Nursing. We met in Mahalapye, Botswana and were married 25/07/87. Her father is Robert and has welsh connections. Her mother is Brita Söderstrom and is from Finland.
  3. mvpoppins FROM NAME=Marcia McQueen, Fresno, California, USA 006 Marcia McQueen here. I love your idea and would love to be included. I already emailed my cousin Steve McQueen who lives in the Dominican Republic. He is from Edinburgh and has a tour business in D.R. If memory serves me right, he has some family information already. I'll let you know if he would like to also participate. You asked why I was born to a Scotsman in California. Well, my auntie was a war bride--one of the first to immigrate. She sponsored my father when he wanted to come over. He met my mother and there you have it. So I have many relies and friends in Scotland. I've been over for holiday at least a dozen times. Scotland has a very special place in my heart. It must be in the blood. One of the reasons that I wanted to get on line is to lower my phone bill. I make too many calls over there. Oh, about the fog in Fresno. The past few days have been nothing but rain. We've actually been flooded out in a few places. It didn't have any bad effects on me, thank goodness. I did take advantage of getting drenched for myself. I think it's a healing thing. Thinking about the family tree thing....My sister also did some research at some point. I'll ask her about it too. Off to bed I go. the 49ers are playing in the morning. I must be awake in time for the game.
  4. jane FROM NAME=Jane McQueen Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 007 My name is Jane McQueen and I live in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. I think it's great your getting to know McQueen's around the world.
  5. smcqueen FROM NAME=Sean McQueen Brooklyn, USA 008 I am an african american McQueen living in Brooklyn. My grandfather Zepiniah McQueen was from South Carolina and married my Grandmother Ruth McQueen (they both passed away) But I would like to let you know that now only European McQueen floating around out there but African/Euro descendants. The funny things is I don't know A damn thing about my Afrian ancestry but I carry this European name. Well, I had decided a couple months ago to trace my blood. Both ethnicity.
  6. ashford_dayton_mcqueen FROM NAME=Ashford Dayton McQueen Dallas Texas, USA 009 Hello, I just wanted to say hi and that my name is Ashford Dayton McQueen and I play soccer and the McQueen's RULE!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!! I am from Waxahachie Texas and I'm 15 and I love soccer. NEW POST My name is Ashford Dayton McQueen I have emailed you before. ( when i was 15 ) I am 21 now and live in Dallas, Tx. I just wanted to write again and to tell all the the other McQueen's around the world a big Hello.
  7. cgriffin FROM NAME=Colleen Griffin (nee McQueen) Glenorchy Tasmania Australia 010 I live in an island state of Australia called Tasmania. My father Eric Duncan McQueen came to Australia after leaving England on the Brotherhood movement after the war. He went to Kelly's College Tavistock, and lived in Devon. My fathers name was Duncan McQueen who went missing at sea as a captain of the Blue Star line ship during War II. Just for your interest we have a copy of the last log recording the topedoes hitting his ship. My family are really into geneology and would like to receive more information on the family the same as you.
  8. mcq041122 FROM NAME=Roger McQueen Southampton (??) UK 011 We researched our family whilst living in Southampton! Our branch of the McQueens came over from Ireland round about 1851 when they settled in Wooler Northumberland. The family currently own the original property. William McQueen was a journeyman shoemaker. The family subsequently became tailors and had a business in Wooler for many years. My father was born in Newcastle and was also a Newcastle supporter. My wife Lyn, who was born in Southampton as was my daughter Katharine. Alex our son was born in Poole. We support the Saints for our pains !
  9. lcmcq FROM NAME=Lyn McQueen Louisville Colorado USA 012 What a great find. My name is Lyn McQueen. I just finished reading the book "A McQueen Family Historical Tour" by Sheila Ellison McQueen. Takes the McQueen lines back to the Vikings!! My great, great Grandfather was Walter McQueen founder of the McQueen Locomotive Company in New York (during the Civil War), who built the engine Casey Jones was driving when he wrecked "The Jupiter". I am just starting to delve into family history. Glad I found this site!!!
  10. howard FROM NAME=Howard McQueen 013 Chief executive officer of McQueen Consulting, has been involved with information systems since 1981 and library-related technologies since 1986. Editor of IntraNet Professional
  11. macram FROM NAME=Raleigh Howard McQueen 014 Howard's (see 013) dad who has had some family tree research performed on the McQueen clan. Why not mail him if you are doing your own research ?
  12. wmcqueen FROM NAME=Will T McQueen South Carolina USA 015 I am Will T. McQueen in Greenville, South Carolina, and have done some superficial research on our branch. I have Sheila McQueen's book, but can't find a link to our particular group of McQueens. Our family traces back to the mountain counties of Georgia and South Carolina. My grandfather was born in Rabon County, Georgia, and his father is buried in Lula, Georgia. Any help out there clansmen?
  13. boodunstan FROM NAME=Ann Dunstan Palmer 016 Hello. I'm researching my McQueen line. I don't have much to go on, but I'm looking for information on Colonel Hugh McQueen, father of Murdoch McQueen and grandfather of Elizabeth (Eliza) McQueen. Please let me know if you have any information on them or their parents or siblings. Thanks in advance. (Ed. I've mailed Anne to get a few more details. Will put them up when she replies)
  14. dbmcqueen FROM NAME=Dave McQueen Trenton Ontario Canada 017 Hello, my name is Dave McQueen. I presently live in Trenton, Ontario, Canada. As I am a member of the Canadian Armed Forces I will soon be relocating to Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ontario. I am a Captain in the Engineer Branch and will be joining 2 Combat Engineer Regiment when I move to Petawawa. Keep up the good work of linking McQueens around the world. I have been in Bosnia as part of the NATO lead peacekeeping forces. Nb new address added Friday 05th of February 1999
  15. damcqueen FROM NAME=David McQueen Sultanate of Oman 018 Hello, my name's David McQueen. I'm currently working in the Sultanate of Oman as an English teacher (Since heard he's moving to the UAE). I'm married to Sarah with one son, Tom. My father's family are from Glasgow (Anniesland) and my grandfather's family was from the Newcastle area. My brother Steve McQueen (not the actor !) is living in San Francisco and is living on Powell Street where one of the chase sequences for Bullit was filmed. I'll probably email you more at a later date but this is only my second inght on the net and its getting late ! Goodnight.
  16. jmacquee FROM NAME=Jeffrey MacQueen Vandenberg AFB California USA 019 Senior Systems Engineer, ITT Federal Services Corporation, Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437, (805)734-8232 ext. 65156. Love your homepage, I'll send info on my family for your site. And if I may I'll add it to my fledgling site. Thank you.
  17. petrus FROM NAME=Keith Prichard 020 I am researching my McQUEEN family tree and would be most grateful if you have any information, revealed form your research, on the following: MURDOCH McQUEEN (my great great grandfather) believed to be from the Isle of Skye, married JEAN ALSTON believed to be from Auchtermuchty. They had the following children: MARY McQUEEN (my great grandmother) born 30th May 1887, died 12th December 1962; she moved to Lancashire, England before 1905. Her siblings (dates unknown) were: Jenny; Elizabeth; Murdoch and James. Many thanks. Hope to hear from you soon!
  18. pdmcq FROM NAME=Peter McQueen Oshawa Ontario Canada 021 Emigrated from Scotland to Canada in 1953 after doing two years National Service in the RAF. Now retired and busier than I ever was. Live in Oshawa Ontario. Trying to get started in geneology. BTW your wallpaper seems to be missing a few black stripes :-( (Ed - Thanks Peter - Well done for being the first to point this out - It will change soon)
  19. kent FROM NAME=Stewart McQueen Tracey NB Canada 022 Hi, fellow McQueen. I am Robin Stewart McQueen, born 19 August 1962 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.Born of Sherwood James, son of William Sherwood died1963, son of James Andrew died 1937. All of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.I now reside in Tracy, NB,Canada.I am presently attending a course in digital imaging at college, and my wife ,Anna, is a student nurse. I have two children, Sheldon 9, and Kaitlyn 5.
  20. mqueen9924 FROM NAME=Mandy Queen ??? 023 Seeking info on the MacQueen family. This is as far back as I've proven. I'd love to find Timothy's ancestors. Descendants of Timothy MacQueen b: Abt. 1698 from VA or MD? d: 1725 Prince George Co., MD to Jane Henson (More info on the Queen family supplied).
  21. starshiner FROM NAME=Thomas Jeffrey MacQueen Birmingham Alabama USA 024 I've borrowed a friends computer to add my name. I'm Thomas Jeffrey MacQueen of Birmingham, Alabama, USA. I'm 37 years old and am employed at a large bookstore. I trained for ministry at Samford University in Birmingham. Please e-mail me care of Geoff!
  22. Ian McQueen - Click for bigger versionmcdonnaqueen FROM NAME=Mike Mike McQueen  - Click for bigger pictureMcQueen Atlanta Georgia U.S.A. 025 Hi, my name is Mike McQueen, I live in Atlanta Georgia,U.S.A. I saw your picture and thought, wow I have dark bushy eyebrows too! I'm only trying to figure out some origins of my family. All I know is my grandfather's name was Samuel, and my father told me he was Irish. If any body knows anything info e-mail me I have many siblings and I'm soon to be a dad, so the name McQueen will be around for a while. Thanks so much. (Mike is now a Dad !)Born 2nd March 1999 Padraic Ian McQueen. Don't throw a rock or you may hit a McQueen! (Congratulations Mike)
    UPDATE: Now Ian is 7 years old. And my wife, Donna and I are expecting another McQueen in September 2006. We don't know what we are having yet and have not decided on any names but we know it will be a McQueen for sure! We own a carpet cleaning business in Atlanta. Here is our website address: Please feel free to link us up! Thanks! I'll keep you posted. Love the website by the way, it's great!
  23. badseed3 FROM NAME=Billy McQueen USA ? 026 How are you my name is Billy McQueen I'm the drummer from the Ellyn Fleming Band. Are you rockers ? We have a website for NAME=the Ellyn Fleming Band . just view our will see it ......thanks Billy
  24. chuckie_18 FROM NAME=Charles McQueen Indiana USA 027 I only know about the mcqueens in my home state of Indiana. I would like to more about mcqueens around the world. My name is charles McQueen. I'm 18 years old and I'm tring to become an accoplished bodybuilder and powerlifter.
  25. macqueen FROM NAME=Colin McQueen Bermuda 028 Just thought I'd say hello as I came across your web site and was interested to read about all the other McQueen's around. My name is also Colin McQueen and I'm currently living in Bermuda. I was born in Motherwell, Scotland and have one sister Alison - living in Belfast. My father's name is John McQueen and he was born in Falkirk, Scotland. My granfather's name was Robert and he is from the Grangemouth area. If this rings any bells for someone, please contact me.
  26. PLOUGH17 FROM NAME=Patty McQueen Loughnane 029 Hi - I have looked forward to learning about the McQueen's, where they came from, when they came to USA and to which state and my ggg-grandfather's name. My cousin found a John, born 1804, father, William, born 1767, son of Daniel and Ruth Jenkins McQueen but John is not a family name. I could use some "McQueen" help. My gg-grandfather, William McQueen, was born in 1826 in NC, his mother was Emily Goodson. The family moved to Ala. when he was 4 or 5 yrs old (possibly Montgomery Co.) where 2 brothers Franklin and James Irving were born. He married Mary (Polly) Craft in 1827 and they moved to Hancock Co., MS before 1849 when my g-grandfather, James Jefferson, was born. I know he had one brother, Irving. My grandfather, James Thomas, was born in 1875 (also had a brother, Irving) in Gainsville (Hancock Co.), MS where he married my grandmother, Amanda Josephine Fleming in 1875. My father, James Daniel, was born in St. Tammany Parish, LA in 1895, the 2nd of 12 children (6 females and 6 males.) I would really appreciate any information you might have or any suggestions.
  27. cooner FROM NAME=Walt Cooner 030 I'm a direct decendant of the Daniel/Ruth McQueen and William that Patty McQueen Loughnane mentioned in your note below. Daniel immigrated to the United States shortly after William Augustus' (Duke of Cumberland) English forces smashed Bonnie Prince Charles' Scottish Jacobites at Culloden on 16 April 1746. Daniel was purportedly born on the Isle of Skye circa 1725 and met American-born Ruth while he was living in Horry County South Carolina. Family record say he died at age 70 in Horry County. Daniel and Ruth had three sons and one daughter that we know of: John (b. Dec 1752, SC; d. circa 1790. HOrry Co. SC; m. Rachel Lewis), Daniel (b. 1754/8, SC; d. about 1817, SC; m. Susannah Garrell), William (b. 1759, SC; d. before 1850, AL; m. Judith) , and Cecilia (b. 1762, SC). The line intermarried with the Ashley family of Charleston, SC and, although a large contingent remained in the Lowcountry, many of the family migrated to the neewly opened territory of Alabama early in the 19th Century. There, they married into my German-Swiss family, which had, itself migrated to Alabama (before the AMerican Civil War) from Orangeburg County, SC. Rather than go into a long iteration on these and the others strewn throughout my database, if you care to share more particulars on your McQueens, perhaps my Mobile-based cousin or I may be able to help. Let us know.
  28. jlm FROM NAME=Loren McQueen Pueblo Colorado USA 031 Colin, I was excited to find your page! Please add me to your list. My name is James Loren McQueen, born in 1946 in Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. I live in Pueblo, Colorado and work as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department of a large hospital here. My father was James Lane McQueen, born close to Paris, Texas in 1919. He pastored churches for 50 years. I have 2 sons, James Michael McQueen, born 1970; a paramedic in Denver, Colorado; and Colin Patrick McQueen, born 1982. Colin is in highschool and loves soccer. My beautiful daughter, Jennifer Brooke McQueen, born in 1980, is a freshman at Colorado State University, majoring in Music. My wonderful wife, Karen Tucci McQueen provided the excellent genes to make our children presentable in public! You have a fine looking family. God Bless you all !
  29. gerardmc FROM NAME=Gerard McQueen Tanuanda South Australia 032 My name is Gerard McQueen and I live in Tanunda, South Australia. I would like to be included on your list of McQueens around the world.
  30. Clive cmcqueen FROM NAME=Clive Richard McQueen Denmark 033 My name is Clive McQueen, I'm working and living in Denmark and would be happy too join your list. My father is George McQueen from Kingston Jamaica, anybody have any decendants from Jah country ?
  31. ddarnell FROM NAME=Don Darnell USA 034 Searching for any information on the MCQUEENs located in Charles Co., MD in the 1700's. This is all that I have: Sarah MCQUEEN, b. ca 1715 Charles Co., MD, d. ca 1795 Estill Co., KY m. ca 735, Thomas DARNALL, b. ca 1713 Charles Co., MD, d. June 1790 Charles Co., MD c. All born in Charles Co., MD: John, Elizabeth, Samuel, Isaac, James, Thomas, Mary, Nancy Sarah was living with her son, Thomas, in KY at the time of her death. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  32. nglies FROM NAME=Gail Lies Jonesboro AR USA 035 Does anyone have more information on this family? I would love to have any help that you can give!
    Orval Rice McQUEEN  b abt 1826 (Johnson) TN 
      + Caroline MUNCY? abt 1828 (Wythe) VA 
        Marion David "Dee" McQUEEN  b Sep-1960 (Lee) VA  ? Sulpher Springs, TX 
          + Patience E "Tesha" GILBERT abt 1865   
             Calidonia Elizabeth McQUEEN 3-Oct-1882 (my line)
             Parolee McQUEEN  Dec-1885
               + Martha SHEPPARD 1887-1893
               Flora McQUEEN
               Dora McQUEEN
               Sarah McQUEEN
               Ray McQUEEN
               Mattie McQUEEN
               Verna McQUEEN
    Web address
  33. dhurevan FROM NAME=Jeffrey V. S. MacQueen USA ? 036 Hello all, I am Reposting my request for a link to Scotland. MacQueen (McQueen). I am searching for information on Joseph McQueen or MacQueen. His documents from his immigartion say Mc and others from Scotland have said Mac. (Bible and such)
    Father: ?
    Mother: Helen (Ellen) Green
        Notes: Obituary in paper said came to this country in 1879 and wife was from Aberdeen
        Joseph McQueen (MacQueen) Born: October 20,1844 Aberdeen Scotland ? or Glasgow
           Died: December 4, 1924 24 E 188th St Homewood Illinois (Died of Stomachcancer)
           Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, 111th and California, Chicago Illinois Sec 45 Lot#36
           +Married: Ellen (Helen) Reid Grant, June 24, 1874 Jarrow Parish, Durham England
    Ellen (Helen) Reid Grant Born: 1856, Aberdeen Scotland
    Died: August 8,1896 9857 Six Ave South Chicago, IL
    Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, 111th and California, Chicago Illinois
        Joseph William, July 1875, England died 15 March 1935
        Mary Williamson, 24 June 1876 Newhill Parish, Auchmill in Newhills Aberdeen Scotland
           +Married Philip Powers, died 20 February, 1953
        Helen (Ellen), 8 October 1877, R. Hamiltons Land, Whigglet, Lanark Scotland
           +Married Charles Higgins (1893-6), and Died 23 December 1951
        Donald Alexander, 28 March 1879, Scotland
            +Married Mary Ann Feige 5 July 1901, died 31 October 1951
        Alexander, Sept 1881 or 2, Scotland
            +Married Grace LaLonde, Died 28 March 1913
        William Wallace (Toby), 1883, Scotland or Ireland (Boat Baby?), Single, Died 15 August 1917
        Elizabeth (Lyda), Born?
            +Married John Long
        Hendrie (Henry), 8 Dec 1887, Ill USA,
            +Married Mary Sowosky 19 May 1917, Died 20 October 1918
        Robert, 10 March 1889, IL
            +Married Marie Peterson 12 Sep 1914, Died 20 January 1976.
    I do hope that someone may know of this line. Thanks in advance,
  34. THughes688 FROM NAME=T Hughes ???037 I am looking for a William McQueen b abt 1800. Came from Scotland to No. Plantagenett, Pendleton, Canada. Came from Scotland near Inverness when he eloped with a young lady of title. After his wife's parents died she received a regular stipend from the estate in Inverness. They had about 14-16 children. One being Jane Anne McQueen. Does anyone know anything about this McQueen line?
  35. skipb FROM NAME=Albert Edward Belanger Brentwood, NH 03833 USA 038 Hi, Anyone know of this VA McQueen?
    William SMITH b: 1769 d: 1836 in Fauquier County, VA f:
        These Smiths lived in the lower area of Fauquier Co. ,along the Deep Run River.
        +Elizabeth MCQUEEN m: 29 Jul 1789 in Fauquier County, VA d: Bef. 1801 in VA
  36. MAJUSA FROM NAME=Mike McQueen, Mesquite, TX USA 039 My name is Mike McQueen (Marvin Michael). I'm a Major in the United States Army and live in Mesquite, TX. My family is from the eastern part of Texas and I have no idea where they came from.
  37. NAME=Roy Andrew McQueen Indiana USA 040 Great site, just arrived on www, looking to fit into this giant McQueen puzzle, father was William David, I am roy andrew, I have two brothers, David James, and William Charles. More info upon request. Nb Roy - I've lost your email nmae, can you send me a line ? - Colin.
  38. Sellison FROM NAME=Shiela McQueen AL USA 041 I am Sheila McQueen Ellison, descendant of Samuel McQueen (c. 1750-1992) of Yadkin River, North Carolina. I am the author of "A McQueen Family Historical Tour", a book mentioned by several members of your board. I wanted to add this information to your listing so that others who are interested in American McQueens might know where to get it! Thanks a bunch for your wonderful idea. ED - I have since heard that Shiela has dies. See this obituary at Nb The email address will no longer work.
  39. mrbirrell FROM NAME=Thelma (Bostock) Birrell Australia 042 Hello there, This is my first posting to this group, but I have done a lot of work on JOHN McQUEEN who came into Sydney about 1814. Although his convict papers said he was from Glasgow, he is thought to be from the Isle of Skye..... It is good to keep in mind the distance from Ireland and that time in history, which does not prevent him from being an Irishman, but I have nothing to suggest that this is the case. He was manager for GEORGE BOSTOCK my forbear ROBERT BOSTOCK who was a merchant in Old Sydney Town and he left McQueen in charge whilst he returned to England in 1817. I AM NOT RELATED to John McQUEEN, but have a good bit of info about him, which I am happy to share with anyone researching the same...Thelma at Maroochydore Queensland. Also see
  40. gary.mcqueen FROM NAME=Gary McQueen Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 043 Hi, my name is Gary McQueen. My wife Tracey and I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (near Toronto). I am currently doing my MBA at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I am also a Captain in the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment), a reserve unit of the Canadian Forces. My brother (No. 017 on the McQueen list) informed me of this site -- glad to see it!
  41. andrew.mcqueen FROM NAME=Andrew McQueen, Queensland, Australia 044 My name is Andrew McQueen and our family is from the Winton district of Queensland Australia. We are descended from an Alexander McQueen born 1844, who married Mary Ann Henning, in 1866 at Newgallon, Kircudbright, Scotland. He died in Brisbane, Queensland, in 1903. Does anyone know anything about these McQueens from Kircudbright?
  42. wfn9009 FROM NAME=Willa Faye McQueen Napier Manchester, Kentucky, USA 045 I am Willa Faye McQueen Napier, I was born and raised in Manchester, Kentucky. My father is George McQueen, his father was Levi McQueen, his father Robert McQueen.. This is as far as I can go. I would like to know more. If any one has anymore infor they can email me .
  43. smcqueen FROM NAME=Stephen McQueen, Seattle, WA, USA 046 I the brother of David McQueen # 18 in your list (who has a list of our family). I have since moved from San Francisco and reside in Seattle. It's a very interesting web site and concept.
  44. dbdabling FROM NAME=David Dabling 047 I was looking for McQueen information. My Grandmother was Lila McQueen and I have always wanted to know more about that side of the family. Thank-you for having a link that gave me more info. And I DO like the Tartan! Web Address
  45. wer FROM NAME=Ruby McQueen 048 Hello!! I am Ruby McQueen Werdehausen. Surfing the Web and found your site, and wanted to be included on it. I was born, raised and still live in Missouri. I do have some information on my ancestors that settled in Kentucky and Missouri and also some of my early ancestors in the 1700's and have contacts from beyond also, just haven't gathered it altogather. Would love to hear from any McQueen's out there.
  46. AngelTrend FROM NAME=Kristin Claudine MacQueen LA USA 049 Hey- I'm a MacQueen. :) My name's Kristin (Krissy) Claudine MacQueen, and I'm from Los Angeles, CA, USA. My father is George Peter MacQueen of Nova Scotia, Canada and now lives in LA. I'm 15 (DOB: 11/04/83) and my father is to be 53 on the 9th of October. My grandmother on my father's side is Lucille MacQueen, and my uncle is James (Jimmy) MacQueen. Jim aside, we're all in Los Angeles, with our distant relatives still in Nova Scotia. It's great to find all these Mc/MacQueen's on the web!
  47. AWToni FROM NAME=Toni McQueen Madison Kentucky USA 050 Hi, my name is Toni. I have just recently started researching the McQueen name. My grandmother was Nancy McQueen. I don't have any dates yet. I just know that Nancy lived in KY (Madison County) and I got to see her maybe a couple of times before she died in 1975. NANCY McQueen - Daughter of Bee and Sam McQueen. Siblings were Mandi, Lili, John, and Sarah. Second cousin to Bill McCoy. Family is said to have been Irish. Her grandmother (Sam McQueen's mother) was an Indian named Tennessee. Her grandpa's mother died a Crawford. But she must have been married to a McQueen when great grandpa was born. Elisha McQueen was my great grandpa's (SAM) brother.
  48. Bob bmcqueen FROM NAME=Bob mcQueen Waikato New Zealand 051 Nice idea! Would be pleased to have you add the following to your page if possible. Photo attached as well. Bob McQueen, Hamilton New Zealand. My great-great-grandfather John McQueen emigrated from Islay, Scotland to Stayner, Ontario, Canada in 1833. A 50page pdf file of the offspring of John McQueen can be downloaded from my web page at I am also interested in tracking who, if anyone, is the current chief of Clan McQueen. It is reported that the chief moved to New Zealand some time ago, and I would be interested in locating him or his successor if still in New Zealand. Many thanks
  49. jebean FROM NAME=Jacquelyn Erhard Bean Marshall, Texas USA 052 Stumbled across your web page while doing some research... what a pleasant surprise! Through your page, I found some distant relatives here in America and have e-mailed them, wanting to share information on our vast family. I am the 5th great grand-daughter of Daniel McQueen (the one whom "... immigrated to the United States shortly after William Augustus' (Duke of Cumberland) English forces smashed Bonnie Prince Charles' Scottish Jacobites at Culloden on 16 April 1746...")and Ruth Jenkins McQueen, of South Carolina. I have not yet discovered who Daniel's parents were, but am sure that the pieces will fall in place one of these days! Thank you for having an interesting and informative page! It's one that I will visit often! Just got through browsing your page (again!), reading some of the postings (including mine) Here is my direct line from Daniel and Ruth (JENKINS) MCQUEEN:
       1 Daniel McQueen b: Abt. 1720 Scotland d: Bef. 1790 Horry District, SC 
       +Ruth Jenkins b: 1730 Horry District, SC d: Aft. 1790 SC (?) m: Abt. 1750 in Horry District, SC 
       2 John McQueen, Sr. b: Abt. 1752 Probably SC d: 1790 SC 
       +Rachel Lewis b: Abt. 1756 SC d: February 1807 SC Father: James "Otterskin" LEWIS Mother: Wolfe
       3 Daniel McQueen b: 1780 Horry District, SC d: 1873 Greenville, Butler Co., AL 
       +Rebeckah b: Abt. 1790 SC d: Abt. 1875 Butler Co., AL m: Abt. 1805 
       4 William Elliott McQueen b: July 18, 1836 AL d: September 23, 1918 Tigertown, Lamar Co., TX 
       +Dorothy Louise Richie b: June 12, 1837 AL d: February 23, 1892 Marshall, Harrison Co., TX
           m: October 03, 1860 in Lowndes Co., AL by Rev. George R. Haigler Father: Allen RICHIE 
       5 Hannah Alabama McQueen b: July 25, 1877 Marshall, Harrison Co., TX 
          d: November 13, 1941 Marshall, Harrison Co., TX 
       +Samuel Estes Hoye b: October 02, 1866 MS d: December 13, 1942 Marshall, Harrison Co., TX 
           m: Abt. 1897 in Marshall, Harrison Co., TX 
           Father: James Newton "Newton" HOYE Mother: Mary Frances BRIDGES
       6 Clarence Howard Hoye b: September 11, 1900 Jacksonville, Cherokee Co., TX 
          d: December 16, 1949 Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, LA 
       +Lillian Jewel Barker b: September 20, 1903 Longview, Gregg Co., TX 
          d: March 15, 1974 Marshall, Harrison Co., TX 
          m: December 1920 in Marshall, Harrison Co., TX Father: Walter LeRoy BARKER Mother: Estelle KUYKENDALL
       7 Gloria Hoye b: still living
       +Kenneth Lynn Erhard b: 1922 Curwensville, Clearfield Co., PA d: 1994 Marshall, Harrison Co., TX 
           Father: Ernest Edmund ERHARD, Sr. Mother: Berva Eleanor MILLER
       8 Jacquelyn Erhard - me :-)
       Keep up the good work!
  50. jmcqueen FROM NAME=John McQueen Stanton KY USA053 I am John McQueen from Stanton KY and my grandfather was John also and I think we were at McKee KY at some time in the 1800 from there to Lee County MADISON then to Lee County but all those names are the same ones,such as John, Robert, Rachel , Bob. I'm sure there's some connection. I would like to trace my family tree down. Thank you for the entrance into this
  51. mcqueenad FROM NAME=Andrew McQueen Tennessee USA 054 My name is Andrew McQueen, and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. My grandfather Thomas Duncan Wylie McQueen and my grandmother Agnes Trotter emigrated from Dumfries to Toronto in the early 1900's.
  52. rogermcqueen FROM NAME=Lisa kay McQueen London UK 055 My Name is Lisa Kay McQueen. I come from a large family of McQueens. My grandfather William James Mcqueen fought in the second world war but sadly died last year. My great-grandfather fought in both wars but was killed in action in the second world war. I have old photos and memorabilia. I would like to be included in your website.
  53. clansman1 FROM NAME=Robert McQueen Southport UK 056 I found your website and would like you to add my family to it. We live in southport merseyside
  54. mcqueen FROM NAME=Calum & Judith McQueen Fife UK 057 My name is Calum McQueen and I came across your site today - match number 5 of 1,000's!!! I was interested in your work on family trees. My Dad (Ronnie) has tried to research his but can only get as far back as his grandfather. The family originate in Glasgow although I stay in Fife and my Dad in Inverness. My grandfather (also Ronnie was killed in the war flying Hurricanes a few weeks before the Battle of Britain started and his Dad was called William although everyone knew him as "Pa". If anyone knows any more I would love to hear
  55. cmcqueen FROM NAME=Cecil Van McQueen Texas USA 058 Hello, I am Cecil Van McQueen. I think your web page is a good idea. I am from a line of Mcqueen's that is as follows:
       Robert McQueen 
       John Taylor McQueen 
       Benjamin Franklin McQueen
       Robert Cecil McQueen 
       Cecil Harvey McQueen 
       Cecil Van McQueen 
    If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  56. beadbe FROM NAME=Becky Farence Pennsylvania USA 059 I noted on your page that your fathers family was from the Newcastle on Tyne area. My great great grandfather, James McQueen, died there in 1922. I do know that he had a son named William David who was born in 1864. Although these are only tiny facts within a large picture, it makes me wonder if there is not a connection of sorts. I believe that you stop with Grandpa McQueen. If the William above is a common link, I would suppose him to be your great grandfather.I am planning to make contact some that are already on your list, as there may be one or two other possible connections. Most of the McQueen researchers in the US follow the lines in Sheila McQueen's book. My own McQueen ancestor did not arrive in the US until 1886. His descendants are fairly well documented as my mother (his granddaughter) knew him and has quite a memory for family connections. My genealogy goal is to continue his line back to Scotland. At any rate, here is some of what I have. I hope it seems coherent, but my own two boys, about the ages of yours, are not in school this week because of winter break and can sometimes play havoc with my concentration. I'm guessing that you can well understand that, being the father of three. Starting with the James McQueen I mentioned:
    James McQueen born 21 Nov 1830 East Linton, Haddingshire, Scotland died 22 Oct. 1922 Newcastle on Tyne
      +Married 1857 to Eustatia Agnes Ballantyne (b. circa 1832, d. 1883, Edinburgh)
        Their 8 children:
        Margaret Jane McQueen b. 24 Sept. 1857 Parish of St. Cuthberts (37 William St.)
        James Michael McQueen (my gg grandfather) b. 5 Sept 1859 d. 31 Jan. 1934 Sewickley Pennsylvania, USA
          +Married Emma Rachel Martin 1886 (b. Newfoundland)
        John (Jack) McQueen b. 1 Nov. 1861 Parish of St. Cuthberts (37 William St.)
          Was in the British Army, Stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lived in Newport, Isle of Wight
          +Married Annie Eliza
             Their 3 children:
             Annie Eustatia b. 11 Nov. 1887
             Margaret Irene b. 25 June 1892
             Agnes Lillian Ballantyne b. 20 March 1986
               +(she married a Whipple and moved to Australia)
         William David McQueen b. 16 April 1864 Parish of St. Cuthberts (37 William St.)
         Robert Hugh McQueen b. 5 April 1865 Dalmahoy, Ratho  
         Eustatia Agnes McQueen b. 25 Feb. 1867 Mountquharnie, Kilmany  
         Thomas Murdoch McQueen b. 29 April, 1869  9 Bedford St.  
         Alexander Rhind McQueen b. 7 Nov. 1871 8 Caledonian Place
    I have no dates of death except for the ones I have mentioned. James and Eustatia Agnes Ballantyne were married 12 May, 1856 St. Mary's Catholic Church, Broughton St. I suppose my train of thought is that William David McQueen somehow ended up in Newcastle and raised his family there. His father, James McQueen, then went to live with his son and that is why he died in Newcastle. The only thread being the name of William in your family and the location. Are there many McQueens in your area, related or other wise? Most of my information comes to me from the work started by my great aunt. I trust that it is fairly accurate, but can make no guaranties. If any should seem confusing, please let me know and I can try and clarify it.
  57. ttminka FROM NAME=Tricia & Trevor Steer Australia (Japan) 060 A friend gave me your address. My sister and I are relative newcomers to family tree research. My name is Tricia Steer and I live in Australia. My sister is Lesley Takeda and she lives in Japan. We have recently found out that one of our ancestors was a Thomas Couperthwaite who married a Margaret McQueen in Wigtown in Scotland in about 1802. They had 10 children. We know a little about Thomas' family but nothing about Margaret's. In more recent times, my father's 1st cousin, Gertrude May Guthrie, married Walter Dudley James McQueen in N.S.W. on July 30th 1939. They had one child, Denise. I know these are only very small McQueen connections ,but we would be very grateful if anyone could help us with our search for more information.
  58. jperwick FROM NAME=Jenny Perwick New Zealand 061 Hi from New Zealand, I am Jenny Perwick, descendant of Robert and Elizabeth McQueen from Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton and James Steele McQueen, Campbeltown, Argyll. In 1874 Elizabeth and her children emigrated to Port Chalmers, Otago on the ship "Invercargill". Elizabeth was then 60 yrs of age, husband Robert did not accompany her so was probably deceased ( he was an excise officer at Campbeltown), Mary aged approx 30, Agnes, (20 yrs) & James Steele McQueen(married Margaret MacPherson, Campbeltown - she did not emigrate so presume deceased also), and his son John. They settled in Oamaru until 1881 and cannot find any trace of them from then on. Would love to hear anything at all about the family either in Scotland or NZ.
  59. mcqueend FROM NAME=Diane McQueen 062 my homepage is
  60. jackanell2001 FROM NAME=Mary Jackanell McQueen Smith Mississippi USA 063 There are quite a few McQueens here in south Mississippi. Our ancestors came from North Carolina through Georgia and Alabama to south Mississippi. I have a brother who is now living in Columbus, Ohio, and his two children are living in Dallas. My brother is Doug (William Douglas); his son in Dallas is Sean(William Sean) and his daughter is Gayle McQueen Turner. The first three McQueens in this area were brothers: William, Ervin, and Murdock. Their father did not come with them, but their mother(Emily) did. She later married a Dawsey and had other children. William remained in Hancock county and had a large family. Ervin moved to Harrison County on the Mississippi Gulf coast. Murdock got into a fight with his stepfather, thought he killed him and fled. The family never heard from him again. Emily McQueen was a Goodson before her marriage. Ervin has many descendants in Harrison County. This is just a thumbnail sketch of the family to identify it for you.I have cousins scattered all around the country now and there are many McQueens left in this area. I would love to hear from other McQueens. My name is Mary Jackanell McQueen Smith. I use my middle name, Jackanell, and of course Smith is my married name.
  61. macfay FROM NAME=McQueen "Mac" Smith, Columbia, South Carolina USA 064 Please include me in your List. My McQueen ancestors go back to Daniel McQueen 1,that married Ruth Prudence Jenkins in Horry County S.C. (USA) 1750. Any info on Daniel is greatly appreciated. I have very little on him, although I've searched everywhere.
  62. FiftzFlashback FROM NAME=???? USA 065 I am just beginning my search for an Aunt by marriage, whose name was Jean McQueen. I have so little to go on. And the info I do have is ancient. (1951)This is the extent of it. Last known addess: Jean McQueen Boies 600 Santa Fe Street-Compton, Ca. daughter: Lynne Elaine Boies (who would be 61 years at this time) Can you tell me any thing on how to begin this search? Love your web site!
  63. JandKatSerenity FROM NAME=Kate McQueen Kretchmer USA 066 First of all.....thank you for such a wonderful website. I'm Catherine McQueen and I'm searching for any information about my GGGrandparents. Here is all the information that I have obtained so far. GGGrandfather: Daniel Elijah McQueen (no dates) married Anna Park, b: 12/18/1843 in Dayton, Ohio, d: 02/08/1926 in Kankakee, Illinois. They had many children but I only have the name of my GGrandfather GGrandfather: Joshua Peter McQueen, b: 10/26/1866 in Clark County, Illinois, m: Susan Hawn, 02/07/1888 in Danville, Illinois, d: ? Joshua had many siblings also and would like any information regarding any of these McQueen's. My Grandfather, Clyde Daniel McQueen was born 12/28/1897 in Terre Haute, Indiana. He had many siblings and was raised in the Cunningham Children's Home in Urbana, Illinois. Once again, thanks for such a wonderful website and May God Bless.
  64. Corvalcorp FROM NAME=Tom McQueen Utica, New York, USA 067 Hello, I'm Tom McQueen, son of Joe and Marie McQueen of Utica, New York, presently living with my wife Dottie and son, Joe, in Palm Harbor, Florida. I am the owner of CorVal, Inc. at
  65. mcqu0043 FROM NAME=Duncan McQueen Kansas City, U.S.A 068 My name is Duncan McQueen. I am starting to do a little research on my family tree and have us traced back to an Alexander McQueen that left Portree, Scotland around the time of the Revolutionary War (as we call it here in the U.S.). I am not sure if anyone has any info on him, since my line ends there.
  66. rterre FROM NAME= Renalta McQueen Terre Dallas TX USA 069 I guess I should say something about myself. I am Renalta McQueen Terre from Dallas, TX. My parents family came from Missouri [close to Maries Co., Osage Co. or Gasconade Co]. I am descended from James McQueen and Eliza Backues. James was born 1824 in New York and married in 1849. He was also married to Emeline Louisa Keeny in 1842. Would love more information. James father may have been born in Scotland.
  67. macshuibhne FROM NAME= John A McQueen Milngavie Glasgow UK 070 Just logged on to your site. Terrific. My name is John McQueen. As a member of the Guild of One Name Studies I am currently researching the McQueen name and all references to it (including variants). I recognise a few of your links and will check out the rest over time. I have attached a few of my own links (See bottom of page) if you would like to check them out for more McQueen info.
  68. NAME=Michael Randolph McQueen Orange Texas USA 071 Greetings to all! There appears to be a hell of alot of McQueen's out there and spread to all four corners of the globe. I reckon that just confirms we all sire from an adventurous ancestry! My name is Michael Randolph McQueen from Orange, Texas; son of Arthur Sidney McQueen; Grandson of Arthur Thomas McQueen, origianally, I believe, from Call, Missisippi. Leaving at the age of 14 to become a pioneer lineman for Southwestern Bell, running the first telephone line from Piciyune Missisippi through Texas. His father, my g/g grandfather made a living primarily as a lumberjack skidding cypress trees out of Honey Island swamp with oxen. I do have a younger brother named James Thomas McQueen and know he was named after a decendant, but not which one. Only that we have a notation in the family bible for a 'James McQueen' fighting in the indian wars of 1812(?). Not sure of date, hard to read. Being the last two above ground of this line, I am not totally possitive of this line, but believe that there are decendants in and around Pearl River Louisiana and Arkansas. Resources for research are pretty much all buried as far as I know. I do have an eighteen year old son, Michael Brandon, so the lineage continues. Any one able to correct or add to this, please feel free drop a line and do so. I would be glad and greatful to learn anything I can and looks like I'm about to get hooked on learning more of my past. Thanks, and goodluck to all.
  69. vmcqueen FROM NAME=Van J. McQueen Oregon USA 072 As so many others here have stated I was simply surfing around and ran accross you site. I love it ! My Family Janet Lynn (wife), Van Wilson, Cindra Skye and I Live in Portland Oregon. I'm originally from Oklahoma. My Father and brother ( Van Lambert and Paul Vincent ) have both done quite a bit of research into our lineage and I'll tell them about this site so they can get listed as well. Hello to the rest of you feel free to write. Thanks,
  70. js_inthelane FROM NAME=Julia MacQueen Stewart USA 073 Dear Mr. McQueen, I would appreciate knowing if any of my MacQueen relatives still live on the isle of Skye. Most of my people came to America & settled in North Carolina. My relatives wrote a book about them & it was published in 1916 when my mother was 3 years old. The name of the book is "The MacQueens of Queensdale" & is one of my most prized possessions, kept locked in a fireproof safe. I go get it once in awhile & look at my grandmother whom I remember & other cousins who lived in Maxton, North Carolina & towns close by in South Carolina. I would like to correspond with cousins in the U.K. If you have any information or know of any MacQueens who would like to correspond with a cousin in the southern part of the U.S. (Nashville TN) I would like to hear about them or from them. Thank you.
  71. bettygldn FROM NAME=Betty [McQueen] Golden USA 074 Hello , My name is Betty [McQueen] Golden----While doing some surfing on the web,i lucked into your web site, I am so inppressed you have a great site.Up until a few months ago, I did not know I had any McQueen family out there. I was an only daughter of Joseph McQueen and Rosie Laws] McQueen. I posted a message on roots web, and I had cousins comeing out of the wood work,so to speak. My grandparents were John McQueen and Nancy J. Crawford, I have more info that I can share, but for now I just would love to be added to your list on your site, thanks for the invite, looking forward to hearing from you. Addition : (Posted 26/01/2002) The McQueens of Kentucky is having a hugh first time reuion (June 22, 2002), there will be McQueens from all over the states attending this reuion, we already have a hugh list,here is a website anyone can check into to see if they are decendents of this line, I would appreshate it the most,if you could post this. The website is:
  72. susan.queen FROM NAME=Susan Queen Las Vegas USA 075 My name is Susan Queen,I live in Las Vegas,Nv.USA. I was told our name was Mac Queen, but the Mac was dropped during the civil war. If anyone has any information about this I would appreciate a response.If this is accurate, I would like to know the family history.
  73. NAME=Ronald Bruce McQueen Bisset UK 076 Hi there, I am trying to get to grips with web; e-mail etc.Just to see what happened I banged in the name mcqueen and was amazed at what came up, tartan and all.. My full name is Ronald Bruce McQueen Bisset; the latter being as old in history as the McQueen part. I have followed both family trees back to the early 1800's. It seems from your site that there are more of our lot in the New Worlds than there back here in the old country, interesting; must have been due to the Highland clearances. Anyway, shall now see if I can get this posted successfully; this is not an easy skill to acquire, and to think I used to be a pilot! Best wishes to you & your family.
  74. 100564.1551 FROM NAME= John Cole McQueen Germany 077 My name is John Cole McQueen, son of Spencer Dwight McQueen, grandson of Charles Arthur McQueen, ggrandson of Spencer Quick McQueen and going back to Dugal(d) M(a)cQueen, who arrived in Baltimore, Maryland in 1716, following the first Jacobite War. Don't know yet whether he was sentenced (he was an indentured servant at the time of this arrival) or escaped the retribution that followed. His son Thomas was one among several children who arrived with him, but not much know after that until either a son, Thomas or grandson, Thomas, fought in the Revolutionary War. Another Thomas fought in the Indian Wars in Ohio is the early 1800s and had five sons who were all ministers, including John B. McQueen (b. 1807), whose son Thomas Jackson McQueen was known to be in Illinois in the 1850s. I currently live in Heidelberg, Germany (retired US civil servant). If anyone has any information on the McQueen involvement in the First Jacobite War would appreciate it, especailly concerning Dugal(d) Macqueen. I will be going to Scotland in late May and would like to visit where he came from, which is not yet known to us. Probably Skye, but there were other Highland locations. Found your website almost by accident, but was very pleasantly surprised.
  75. LauraJaneMcQ2002 FROM NAME=Laura Jane McQueen Glasgow, Scotland 078 Hi I am Laura Jane McQueen and I would like to be added to your list of McQueen's. My father is William McEwan McQueen (aka Billy), my mother is Theresa McQueen (nee McGowan) and I have a brother Steven Scott McQueen we live in Glasgow, Scotland. I have always been interested in tracing my family tree, but never know where or how to start!!
  76. b-transcribes FROM NAME=Bonnie Olsten 079 My name is Bonnie Olsten. I am Marcia McQueen's cousin. My mother, Mary McQueen, is the auntie who was a war bride. We have many relatives in Scotland and Austrialia. It has been a while since I have looked into my family's history. My grandfather was John McQueen married to Bridget Malley. He was from Stirling, Scotland. I would love more information if anyone has some. Thanks
  77. robnhood FROM NAME=Linda Marie MacQueen Ca USA 080 Hi..I am descended from Alexander MacQueen, born in 1746 in Scotland and settled in Little Harbour, Nova Scotia in 1783 (American Revolution)when he was mustered out of the 82nd Regiment. Looking for information on his place of origin in Scotland.
  78. robnhood FROM NAME=Richard McQueen UK 081 I was surfing the web recently and came across your most interesting site - well done. I am the nephew of the McQueens of South Africa (you have a link to my Uncle's site at the top of your front page). I have been living in the UK for the past 7 years and if you are interested my wife and I have a web link DOB 30.03.1972
  79. gilsmac FROM NAME=George (Ian) and Linda McQueen In USA 082 My name is George (Ian) McQueen. born in Belfast Northern Ireland. currently living in South Bend Indiana. Father was George Hollingsworth McQueen, born Belfast. his father Thomas McQueen born Scotland. are there any clan gatherings this side of water? Newsletters? Any regular communications? How best can I hear from others this side? Look forward to hearing from you!
  80. Llenaavanima FROM NAME=Bethany Ann Crutchfield 083 Hello Colin! I was very happy when my mother (a McQueen before she married my father) showed me your page! I am in my second year of college and have been studying genealogy! I have been able to trace my McQueen heritage back to Scotland and have met a dead end. The farthest back I can reach was James McQueen. I know he was born in 1726 and was married in 1753. He was a herder and I was able to find a few names under which he herded for. My studies have shown me so much and I am now driven to find my family roots and would like to plan a trip to search out their old home lands! I would like to figure out a way to share my research with you, but it is a lot of paperwork to type up! Hopefully I can manage it all and e-mail it later. Who knows, we may be cousins!
  81. PeterBo FROM NAME=Tangi McQueen New Zealand 084 Hi there, My name is Tangi McQueen. I live in New Zealand. I am 21 years old and my father's name was David Alan Charles McQueen. He passed away one month before I was born. Because of this I have always been interested in finding out things about the McQueen family. I descend from Archibald McQueen who left Scotland aboard The Blenheim in 1840. His wife was Catherine. I am not sure if he is buried in Christchurch but I know that Catherine definitely is. I am privelidged and proud to be a McQueen. I would be very interested to talk to anyone who knew more about my ancestors
  82. auntyjo FROM NAME=Jo-Anne McQueen Canada 085 Greetings! I am amazed at how many wonderful McQueens there are. My name is Jo-Anne McQueen (Harrison is my married name). My Grandfather was John McQueen with Rose (nee Parent) as his wife. They had two daughters Isobel (married to Jerry Chycoski) who is now 82 years young and living in Coquitlam, British Columbia, and Aggie who died as a young girl; and three sons Raymond (deceased), wife Joan (nee Larkin); Norman (my father), wife Anne (nee Gawiuk); and Floyd (currently living in Guatemala), exwife Margaret (nee Penner). From these folks came twelve children: Sherry & Linda, daughters of Isobel; Jo-Anne (me) & Kenny, children of Norman; Bob, Jack, Keith, Karen & Diane children of Raymond; Nancy, Mary & Chrissy daughters of Floyd. I am told that our descendants ran with the Lois Reil Resistance. I have also been told that we have a strong Metis background. I have another third-cousin who is conducting an in-depth genealogical search and has traveled across Canada to cemeteries in Quebec and Manitoba to document some of our ancestors and visit with some elderly shirttail relatives who were able to share some very rich history. I would be very happy to be included in your site and welcome any emails from you or folks who may be related. Cheers, Jo-Anne McQueen Harrison
  83. B21Mac FROM NAME=Benjamin Charles McQueen Ke USA 086 I live in Newport Kentucky. It's rite by Cincinnati Ohio. I just turned 14..... and I play baseball, basketball, and football...... I was wonderin if we was related. I got reddish hair, brown eyes, 5"9' and 146 pounds.. I dont know nothing about my family lol. Check out this news report that mentions Ben.
  84. zoomkeper FROM NAME= Nancy Anne McQueen Lo USA 087 Hi ,My name is Nancy Anne McQueen and my grandfather and brother were named John Patrick McQueen(born 1943).My grandfathers family was believed to be from Scotland and he came to America as a small child.He had one son,my father,John Roy McQueen (born1919).Our family lives in the NewOrleans area in Louisiana.Was very interested in your web site as am just starting to research my family.Thanks Nancy
  85. nelsondmccdn FROM NAME= David Donald Nelson Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA 088 I too am a MacQueen descendant, namely of Col. James McQueen and wife Nancy Ann MacRae McQueen of "Queensdale" North Carolina, U.S.A., through their daughter Maria McQueen who married Peter McEachin. We only have a photocopy of the "The McQueens of Queensdale," by Annabella Bunting MacElyea, as published in the early 20th century and covered in the MacQueen tartan plaid. There are many descendants of this particular branch in the southern United States of America, all who trace their ancestry both to a half-sister of the famous herione Flora MacDonald, and to King Robert the Bruce.
  86. opsy10 FROM NAME= Lois waller 089 What a great find on your web site searching for all the McQueens. Would like to be added to your list as a descendant of a McQueen. I am Lois Waller, of Toowoomba Queensland Australia- Grandaughter of one Catherine McDonald nee McQueen .Her parents were John McQueen born 1820 Married to Catherine McIntosh Born 1823. Their parents were James McQueen b= 1795. married,Janet McPherson. My great grandfather John McQueen had siblings James , Donald and Lachlan. I have original documents from the Pres church in Parish of Moy and Dalrossie ( character references re their marriage about 1854, before they came to Dean, Victoria,Australia shortly afterwards) they seemed to have been from the Moy _Tomarton area, or Inverness. Any one got anything to add to my "tree,Please?
  87. pawmawsampee FROM NAME= Billie Earline McQueen Sampley Memphis, Texas USA 090 Well here is another branch of the McQueens. We are decendants of Joshua McQueen. He was in the revolution. We have documents stating that at one time he was with George Washington. My Granddad was John Wylie D. 1949 In Memphis, Texas. I am Billie Earline McQueen Sampley B. 2/10/1943 Memphis, Texas. Dad was Winfred Samuel Crawford McQueen B. 8/7/1913 D. 3/1/2000. GGrandfather was (I have trouble spelling his name) Lycurgus. His twin was Leondus(probley misspelled). My daughter has my family tree book. We have traced our roots back to a Thomas and Elizabeth parents of Joshua McQueen. Joshua according to our records was quite a caractor. He lived to be 117 or 114 and had 14 or 17 children. I would like to be added to your guestbook. I will be checking it often now that I have found It. I will also tell others in my family where to find you. We have a reunion every year in Altus,OK (1/2 way between for all our family). We rent a lodge at Quartz Mountain. That way we can all be together. we have an auction to help with the cost as there are some in the family that would not be able to attend otherwise. Its a lot of FUN. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers (1 of which is now decessed). I have 4 children and 12 grandchildren. At last count there were 299 of us and there have 3 or 4 added and there are 4 on the way just in my family alone. Each and every one Carry our NAME with PRIDE! email me Memphis, Texas is in the Panhandle of Texas. If you look on a map start at Dallas and move northwest untill you come to a corner just pass that corner you will find Childress, Texas move on following the road US 287 and Memphis is the next County (Hall) Memphis is the county seat of Hall County.
  88. bevhamilton FROM NAME= Beverly Hamilton :) Fort Worth, TX USA 091 Hi! I found your web site today as I was Googling for genealogical information. I am one of many (thousands, evidently) who descend from Dugal McQueen, a 'rebel' in the Jacobite Uprising of 1715. From the documented genealogical information I've read, Dugal and his wife Grace were deported to America in 1716 as 'rebels' and sold into slavery for 7 years upon their arrival in Maryland. I am descended 10 generations from Dugal and Grace through the line descending: Dugal & Grace McQueen from Maryland (1); McQueen/Berry from Maryland (2); McQueen/Crews from Kentucky (3); Taylor/McQueen from Kentucky/Tennessee/Texas (4); Allen/Taylor from Tennessee/Texas (5); Truett/Allen from Mississippi/Texas(6) Truett/Grigsby from Texas (7); Hamilton/Truett from Louisiana/Texas (8); Hamilton/Carroll from Texas/North Carolina (9); Beverly Suzanne Hamilton (me!) from Texas (born in Alabama during my dad's job relocation, but I'm a 5th generation Texan!!); the 11th generation beyond me is my son, who will be the product of a Vlk/Hamilton connection (from Texas). I am 40 years old and live in Fort Worth, TX. It's great to see your website and so much 'family' here! I recognized the MacQueen Tartan, as well! Thanks for connecting us all!!
  89. irQue5 FROM NAME=Virginia Queen 092 Hi, My husband Frank Queen and I have three sons. I decided to trace the Queen name back and found a Timothy MacQueen born in 1698, married to Jane Henson. They had a son named William Queen born 8-18-1716 at St. John's Parish Md. He married a Margaret Lewis and about seven generations down from there, is my husband, Frank Alfred Queen. I have all the other names too, but I would like more info. If you know anything about this set of MacQueen's or Queen's.
  90. margwood1 FROM NAME=Margaret Wood 093 My Gran was a McQueen and from Edinbrough.She migrated with her sister to Australia in approx.1913. Her parents were from Cannongate.Her Dad was both a jeweller and actor,this probably explains my love of jewellery and the dramatics!!! My sister and I have been reserching the family tree.We have managed to trace Gran's family back to Ireland I myself have a brother Brian and two sisters Sue and Judy. Sue is the one helping with the family tree. Her son has been to Scotland and it's on my to do list. Have you ever heard of the Scotish accent coming out when you've had a few? Both my cousin and my son have an accent when they've had a few glasses of personality,but are unaware they do and don't have one any other time,must be genetic. Well it has been nice to have a chat if you know of any sights that can help Sue and I please feel free to E-Mail me.
    	 gg granfather Joseph McQueen, b 03/11/1863 Canongate,Edinburgh. 
        m Juliette Wright Watson married 26/10/1888 
    	   Martha b 15/04/1880 
    	   Juliette b 1869 
         Elenore b unknown 
         Martha and Juliette mirgrated to Australia,Elenore to Canada. 
       ggg granfather Thomas Mc Queen b 1821 Ireland. 
    If you all anyone else has any information I'd be more than happy to hear from them,especially about Elenore. Cheers Marg
  91. Steve McQueen - Details removed by request
  92. hilbor FROM NAME=Earl Borlace 095 I have a portrate of a Lt. wm McQueen who was commissioned by Gov DeWitt Clinton on April 25 1821. I believed he was killed atDingles Mill on April 9 1865. If you have info would like to hear from you.
  93. leverett290 FROM NAME= 096 hello, i am looking for laura mae mcqueen , emma mcqueen. also that they are linked to renfrows. dont exactly know where orignated from but ended around missouri or illinois. any information on these two please contact me
  94. Shannon FROM NAME=Sharon Robbins Scott 097 Hi, I found your website and thought maybe you could help me with my aunt by marriage "Frankie McQueen the daughter of Robert and N.Nellie of Baird City,Callahan Co.Texas.I found her on the 1930 census but know absolutely nothing about her. She married my uncle Ermine Robbins during ww2 and I believe they met when he was stationed in Texas altho I don't know if there was an Army base close to where she lived.Any and all have died that could fill me in on where they married.I remember he brought her to Indiana when I was pretty young and I remember the Army uniform.I also remember she was part Indiianor maybe full? I do hope you can help or that I can add more about her and her family as well as the records of the Robbins part. I shall await your reply if you are interested. I am new to the computer so any misspelled words sorry.I use my granddaughters e mail Thanks Sharon Robbins Scott
  95. Glen.Wilson FROM NAME=Glen Wilson of Sydney, AUSTRALIA 098 Hi, I have recently moved to Melbourne, Australia Just wondering if you can help me with tracking down my long lost family or suggest who I can contact. My Mum is Evelyn Sylvia McQueen. (Born in Harrow in England) Her Mum is Stella McQueen. Her Dad's Dad is Alexanda McQueen from Scotland.
  96. Rmcq96 FROM NAME=Richard McQueen USA 099 Hi. My grandparents went to New Jersey, US, from Milngavie, Scotland. I'd love to trace the family back from there. Also, I happened on the Stewartville Cemetary in S.E North Carolina today, and it is chock full of us. Apparently, there were McQueens on the side of the Loyalists at the battle of Moore's Creek in 1776, one of the first skirmishes of the American Revolution fought in the south. I didn't know who to root for!
  97. Lmcq1 FROM NAME=Lisa McQueen London UK 100 CONGRATULATIONS LISA. MY 100th CONTRIBUTOR. Hello, I am from a very big family living in the east end of london, Alexander Mcqueen came from argylle in 1804 to the east end and I am descended from him. just read my family history so the info is correct, Alexander, John and William McQueen arrrived in the area of st georges in the east ( very close to the tower of london ) date unknown, Alexander my ancestor was the eldest , they were all stonemasons. In 1806 Alexander married Sarah Vallas at St Pauls church in shadwell. Sarah Vallas was of french huguenot descent. My family stayed in the east end of london to the present day, and I am still here. I come from a very big family, the name Alexander is still present and so is Henry which is my fathers and my sons name. I have loads more information and a very in depth family tree, so if any one wants any information please contact me.
  98. chrissyqueen2003 FROM NAME=Christie McQueen Boston Ma USA 101 Hello, I am the daughter of the late Curtis A. McQueen and Frances McQueen, sister of Laurie McQueen. We are from Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A. We are descendants of the slaves that were held on the McQueen Plantation that once existed in Maxton, North Carolina. The late Cyrus McQueen of North Carolina left North Carolina for the North in around 1905 or so. Please contact me if you have anymore information about the McQueen Plantation.
  99. janetmcqueen FROM NAME=Janet McQueen Jamaica 102I stumbled on your web page when I typed my name in google just to see what would come up. I found your page to be very interesting and informative. I am Janet McQueen and i live in Jamaica. All of the McQueens that i know in Jamaica are black. In Jamaica we are few and our name is considered to be unusual. I am aware that McQueen is a Scottish name so i have no idea how we got to Jamaica. Would yu be able to help me to research my family tree/ history? My father's name is James McQueen and from what i saw on your site, James seems to be a popular male McQueen name. I hope to be able to find the time to make a comprehensive read of your page.
  100. macqueensat158 FROM NAME=Mike Macqueen Hampshire UK 103 Hi, my name is Mike Macqueen,I live in Chandlers Ford, Hants England. I am descended from the branch of the clan which settled in India for many generations in the service of the British East India Company.My fathers family came back from India shortly before the second world war,and I was the first member of the family to be born out side of India for many generations` Looking at all the relevant details of Clan history it would appear that my part of the family could be closely linked to the Chiefs lineage and from a boy I have always kidded myself that I might be the long lost heir to the Chiefship! Wishful thinking on my part I fear! Good luck with the site.
  101. KSHARPE100 FROM NAME=Kathleen Timmons McQueen Huntington WV USA 104 Hi My name is Kathleen Timmons McQueen (Mrs. Richard Sharpe) I live in Huntington WV My Dad was Harry G McQueen and my Mom is Dorothy Cook McQueen My Dad's parents from Atlanta GA, were Charles and Mattie Della Timmons McQueen, she from Timmonsville SC and him from? Love to have more info from anyone re: my group of McQueens. Thanks for the web site.
  102. Lm6886 FROM aol NAME=Lesley McQueen ??? 105 Wow this website is awesome! I am proud of my scottish background and was so surprised when I saw your website dedicated to all the McQueens out there. Thanks for informing me on how many of us there are.
  103. j.mcq FROM NAME=Jamie McQueen AZ USA 106 Hi there,I am looking for a good book that has information on the McQueen's of Scotland for my father-in-law for Christmas. He has been investigating this a long time without the help of the internet. His wife is a Monroe; they too are from Scotland. There is a Munro Clan castle there. If you could give me some ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time!
  104. NAME=James Stuart McQueen ?? USA 107 Born in Bethesda MD, Naval Hospital My Grandfather is buried at Arlington National Cementery
  105. tmcqueen FROM NAME=Troy Marshall McQueen ?? USA 108 My great, great, great, great grandfather was Daniel Macqueen who was born on the Isle of Skye [either 1723 or 1740?]. I would like to contact anyone who is a relative or knows more about Daniel.
  106. donnavan FROM NAME=Donna Kile Van Benschoten ?? USA 109 My grandmother was a McQueen in fact her name was Ulala Mahala McQueen. I do have a website. (Editor's note : A great site) Would love to hear from you.
  107. cdmmoore FROM NAME=Cynthia McQueen Moore VG USA 110 Hi I am another Dugal/Grace descendant currently living in Virginia. My line goes Dugal, William,William,Elisha,William, James, Frank, George. I too would be interested in hearing anything about Dugal before he ended up in Calvert County, MD in 1716. Thanks.
  108. Michael.MacQueen2 FROM NAME=Michael MacQueen USA 111 I am Michael MacQueen, born 1949 in New York. My grandfather John MacQueen and his bride Margaret nee Winter immigrated from Bridge of Allen near Stirling to the US in 1908. They had three sons: John b. 1912, Ewan b. 1916 and George b. 1919, of whom only the last is still alive (my father was Ewan). I'm afraid I'm somewhat stronger on my grandmother's genealogy than on the MacQueen side. My grandfather John was born into severe poverty, with his parents dying young and he being raised by Camerons. He was employed as a plowman and farmhand prior to his emigration. He and my grandmother worked on several estates owned by the Rockefeller family before taking up service at an estate in New Jersey (where my father finished high school) and ending their working lives in Ohio. My uncle John was a career diplomat (foreign aid section), my father a patent attorney and my uncle George worked as an agronomist. The wee hoos still stands in Bridge of Allen where my grandmother was born, but in terms of relatives there I'm down to a handful of Finlaysons. Cheers...
  109. wenjen FROM NAME=Jennie McQueen KY USA 112 I just wanted to let everyone know about the McQueen Reunion that is scheduled for June 26, 2004, at Boonesborough, KY. It is for all descendants of John McQueen and Polly Allendale. There were nearly 600 in attendance at the last one in 2002 and this one is including more of the lines, so expecting even more. I would also like to be added to your site. My husband, Wendell, descends from John, William, Samuel, William Everett, James, Sr., James, and then Wendell. I would love to hear from any McQueen family out there. I think this is a great thing that you are doing. Keep up the good work.
  110. sue FROM NAME=Sue Wood ??? Australia?? 113 I have just found your page on the web. I am seeking details of a Mary McQueen who arrived in Australia about 1854. She was born circa 1840 on Skye or there abouts and was probably the daughter of a Norman McQueen or Archibale McQueen.
  111. tresses543 FROM NAME=Tressie Schmitt OK USA 114 Hello ,my name is Tressie Schmitt. My line is Dougal,Thomas,Joshua,Edmund,Leonidas,William Alexander and Lillian Mae (McQueen) Stratton. What a great site it is wonderful knowing you are carrying the name of Joshua to the next generation. Edmund 's son was named James Boone McQueen, in honor of Daniel's father. James McQueen's grandson was named James Boone Hardin. Was you father named after William Alexander that fought in the Civil War ? I have a large picture of him in my entry hall. Thank for allowing me to visit your website!
  112. jmcqueen FROM NAME=Jeanette Mae McQueen Australia 115 My name is Jeanette Mae McQueen ( I have reverted to my own name following a divorce ) My cousin, Trevor Arbuckle ( his Mother was Jean McQueen ) alerted me to your web site. I found it fascinating, as there are not many McQueens in Western Australia and to see so many spread throughout the world is amazing. My father was Donald Bruce McQueen and he had a brother Colin who named his son ( my cousin ) Colin. My grandfather was Robert Alexander Colin ( born Roorkee West Bengal , India ) - I never knew him because he was killed umpiring a cricket match in the Wheatbelt area of Western Australia when my father was 14 years old. My Great Grandfather was James McQueen ( born Stranraer, Scotland ) married Elizabeth Moore and served in the British Army in India. After that it is all a bit hazy so maybe we can trace connections through your site. My eldest son Derek Harold Langsford has been compiling family connections since he was a teenager, so he will be interested to see the information contained on your site
  113. gary.mcqueen FROM NAME=Gary McQueen Notts UK 116 Hi, I have two brothers ,Darren and Steve. our father's name is James Robert and he has one brother and five sisters we are all from Nottingham . My grandfather is from Dalry Scotland his name was Robert and he had a brother called Gordon and a sister called Mary could you please post this on your web page to see if i have any long lost relatives
  114. davemcqueen FROM NAME=Dave McQueen West Midlands UK 117Hello. Fascinated by the concept of your site. I'm a McQueen!! I'm David McQueen. Presently living in Stoubridge in the West Midlands UK, I was born in a British Military Hospital in West Germany in 1958. I am a Police officer. My father, (ex army Major)) Andrew McQueen lives in Shrewsbury Shropshire but was born in Wishaw, Scotland in 1927. His father, my grandfather (also Andrew McQueen)was a gardener at the Camperdown Estate in Dundee. My grandmother's maiden name was dalziel. I'd love to trace my history back beyond my grandparents. I hope someone on your site can help. Kindest regards. 'Constant and Faithful'!
  115. rosslynn FROM NAME=Lynn Humphreys ( nee MacQueen ) Australia 118 Does anyone have information on the following family ? Family History - 16 Apr 2004

    (1) 1. James MACQUEEN
    Birth Date: 1760

    Spouse: Lillias NAIRN

    Children: Duncan

    (2) 1.1 Duncan McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 5 Oct 1788
    Birth Place: Cromdale, INVERNESSHIRE, SCOTLAND

    (2) 1.2 Mary MACQUEEN
    Birth Date: 1793
    Birth Place: Cromdale, SCOTLAND
    Christen Date: 25 Aug 1793
    Christen Place: Cromdale Inverallan & Advie Sct

    (2) 1.3 James MACQUEEN
    Birth Date: 26 Apr 1795
    Birth Place: Cromdale, INVERNESSHIRE, SCOTLAND
    Death Date: 18 Feb 1854
    Death Place: Isle of Skye
    Occupation: Baptist Minister

    Spouse: Flora McINNES
    Birth Date: 1808
    Birth Place: Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITIAN
    Death Date: 26 Aug 1875
    Death Place: Broadford Isle Of Skye Scotland
    User Event: Died From Anthrax Gangrene
    Spouse Father: Lachlan McINNES
    Spouse Mother: Grace McLENNAN

    Marriage Date: 7 Aug 1827
    Marriage Place: Broadford, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND

    Children: Mary
    William John

    (3) 1.3.1 Mary McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 17 Jul 1828
    Birth Place: Strath, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITIAN

    Mary married John McDonald 15 April 1852. Their marriage is registered in both Strath and the Parish of Lochalsh , county of Ross & Cromarty. They left Broadford on 15th June 1852 , with Lachlan . They all sailed on the "Marco Polo " from Liverpool on $ July 1852 , arriving in Hobsons Bay on 20th Sept 1852. They were employed by James Wallace of Geelong for 60 pounds wages , with rations , for a term of 6 months." Information supplied by Gail McQueen , 24 April 1986.

    Spouse: John MACDONALD
    Birth Date: 1821
    Death Date: 22 Jun 1863
    Death Place: Horsham Victoria Australia
    Burial Date: 23 Jun 1863
    Burial Place: Horsham Vic
    Occupation: Station Overseer
    Spouse Father: Roderick MACDONALD
    Spouse Mother: Jane

    Spouse Notes:
    MACDONALD - "On the 22nd inst at Horsham , aged 42, John McDonald , son of Mr Roderick MacDonald , Ardhill , Lochalsh , Ross- shire , and son in law of the late Rev James Macqueen , Broadford , Isle of Skye , Scotland ."
    "The Yeoman & Australian Acclimatiser " 15 August 1863 , P 720 .

    Marriage Date: 15 Apr 1852
    Marriage Place: Strath Isle of Skye Scotland

    Children: William
    Flora Jane

    (3) 1.3.2 Betsey McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 13 Jan 1831
    Birth Place: Strath, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITIAN

    Spouse: Donald FAICHNEY
    Birth Date: 1809
    User Event: Schoolmaster Of Strath
    Spouse Father: John FAICHNEY
    Spouse Mother: Flora MACKINNON

    Marriage Date: 10 Apr 1860
    Marriage Place: Strath, SCOTLAND

    Children: Flora Sibella
    Jamsie Anne

    (3) 1.3.3a Lauchlan MACQUEEN*
    Birth Date: 10 Jan 1833
    Birth Place: Portree, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITAIN
    Death Date: 26 Dec 1900
    Death Place: Geelong West, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
    Burial Date: 28 Dec 1900
    Burial Place: Geelong Cem, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA

    1899 Federal Referendum -
    Lachlan MacQueen , Collins St Geelong , Gentleman

    On the 26th inst at his residence ,Collins St, Geelong West,MrN Lachlan Macqueen retired School teacher late of Lal Lal & Leonards Hill State Schools aged 66 yrs. Funeral on Friday 28th inst at 2.30. Friends please accept this intimation. James Monro & Son undertakers 26 Ryrie St Geelong (Geelong Advertiser Dec 27 1900 Death Notice)

    Wrote for the Argus newspaper before becoming a teacher .

    Spouse: Christina [Chirsty] McDONALD
    Birth Date: 20 Mar 1825
    Birth Place: Portree, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITAIN
    Death Date: 23 Mar 1882
    Death Place: Lal Lal, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
    Burial Date: 25 Mar 1882
    Burial Place: Clarendon Cem, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
    Spouse Father: Donald McDONALD (1801-1877)
    Spouse Mother: Marion CAMPBELL (1804-1879)

    Marriage Date: 13 Dec 1856
    Marriage Place: W Prahan, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA

    Children: Flora
    Helen (Ellen)
    Lillian Evangaline
    Margaret Jane
    James Alexander
    William Archibald
    Jane Madeline

    Other Spouses Margaret DRUMMOND

    (3) 1.3.3b Lauchlan MACQUEEN*
    (See above)

    Spouse: Margaret DRUMMOND
    Birth Date: 1843
    Death Date: 14 Feb 1920
    Death Place: Avoca, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
    Spouse Father: James DRUMMOND
    Spouse Mother: Janet CAIRNS

    Marriage Date: 1890
    Marriage Place: VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA

    Other Spouses Christina [Chirsty] McDONALD

    (3) 1.3.4 Grace McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 9 Jan 1835
    Birth Place: Strath, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITIAN

    Spouse: Robert MACINNES

    Spouse Notes:
    Marion Margaret McInnes b 22 Sep 1862 Blythswood
    Glasgow Lanark to Donald McInnes & Grace McQueen.

    Donald McInnes married Grace McQueen 22 Nov 1861
    Blythswood Glasgow Lanark .

    James McInnes b 22 Sep 1862 Blythswood Glasgow
    Lanark to Donald McInnes & Grace McQueen .

    Children: James

    (3) 1.3.5 James McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 9 Jan 1837
    Birth Place: Strath, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITIAN
    Death Date: 16 Nov 1893
    Death Place: Shepparton, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
    Burial Date: 17 Nov 1893
    Burial Place: Shepparton Cem, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA

    No McQueen's in Shepparton in 1963 Electoral Roll
    ( Murray Division ) ;

    Spouse: Isabella Strahan HEPBURN
    Birth Date: 1843
    Death Date: 1914
    Death Place: Melbourne East, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
    Spouse Father: Walter HEPBURN
    Spouse Mother: Eliza JACK

    Marriage Date: 1 Jun 1866
    Marriage Place: Presbyterian Mns, Penola, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA

    Children: James Walter
    Eliza Ann
    Flora Jane
    Walter John
    Isabella Mary
    William Alexander
    Isabella Lilias
    Elizabeth Ann
    Archibald Lachlan
    Alexander Charles

    (3) 1.3.6 John McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 10 Oct 1839
    Birth Place: Strath, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITIAN

    (3) 1.3.7 Lilly McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 1 Nov 1841
    Birth Place: Strath, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITIAN
    Death Date: 29 Dec 1918
    Death Place: Hawthorn House, Lismore, SCOTLAND

    Spouse: John STEWART
    Birth Date: 10 Nov 1819
    Death Date: 1 Oct 1902
    Death Place: Lismore, SCOTLAND

    Spouse Notes:
    John Stewart b 10 Nov 1819 Balevolan Appin Argyll
    Scotland to Archibald Stewart & Mary Stewart

    Marriage Date: 12 Jun 1861
    Marriage Place: Broadford, SKYE, SCOTLAND

    Children: Archibald
    Robert John McKelvie
    Flora MacQueen

    (3) 1.3.8 Jane McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 16 Jun 1843
    Birth Place: Strath, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITIAN

    Spouse: John Ferguson MACKENZIE

    Marriage Date: 5 Sep 1873
    Marriage Place: Crosshill, Govan, SCOTLAND

    Children: Angus John MacQueen
    Flora Jane
    Catherine Ferguson

    (3) 1.3.9 William John McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 18 Sep 1845
    Birth Place: Strath, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITIAN

    Spouse: Jessie MACDONALD

    Marriage Date: 7 Aug 1874
    Marriage Place: Govan Lanark Scotland

    Children: Ina

    (3) 1.3.10 Alexander McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 17 Feb 1848
    Birth Place: Strath, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND, GREAT BRITIAN
    Death Date: 20 Jan 1933
    Death Place: Cremorne, NSW

    Lachlan Macalister Macqueen
    australian army
    12 Mar 1909 Sydney Nsw
    Locality on Enlistment - 8 Jun 1942 Northbridge Nsw
    Place of Enlistment - north sydney Nsw
    Maggie Macqueen
    Date of Discharge 17 aug 1944
    Posting at discharge - 7 Battalion volunteer defence corps part time duty

    Spouse: Mary Anne MACALISTER
    Birth Date: 15 Mar 1850
    Death Date: 28 Dec 1924
    Death Place: Neutral Bay, Sydney, NSW

    Marriage Date: 15 Mar 1880
    Marriage Place: Sydney, NSW

    Children: Flora
    James Alexander
    Lachlan M
    Grace Lily Jane

    (3) 1.3.11 Archibald McQUEEN
    Birth Date: 15 Oct 1850

    (2) 1.4 Janet MACKQUEEN
    Birth Date: 7 Mar 1797
    Birth Place: Cromdale, SCOTLAND
    Christen Date: 9 Mar 1797
    Christen Place: Cromdale Inverallan & Advie Sct

    (2) 1.5 William MACQUEEN
    Birth Date: 11 May 1799
    Birth Place: Cromdale, SCOTLAND
    Christen Date: 12 May 1799
    Christen Place: Cromdale Inverallan & Advie Sct

    DRUMMOND, Margaret, spouse of (3) 1.3.3b
    FAICHNEY, Donald, spouse of (3) 1.3.2
    HEPBURN, Isabella Strahan, spouse of (3) 1.3.5
    MACALISTER, Mary Anne, spouse of (3) 1.3.10
    MACDONALD, Jessie, spouse of (3) 1.3.9
    MACDONALD, John, spouse of (3) 1.3.1
    MACINNES, Robert, spouse of (3) 1.3.4
    MACKENZIE, John Ferguson, spouse of (3) 1.3.8
    MACKQUEEN, Janet (2) 1.4
    MACQUEEN, James (1) 1.
    MACQUEEN, James (2) 1.3
    MACQUEEN, Lauchlan (3) 1.3.3a
    MACQUEEN, Mary (2) 1.2
    MACQUEEN, William (2) 1.5
    McDONALD, Christina [Chirsty], spouse of (3) 1.3.3a
    McINNES, Flora, spouse of (2) 1.3
    McQUEEN, Alexander (3) 1.3.10
    McQUEEN, Archibald (3) 1.3.11
    McQUEEN, Betsey (3) 1.3.2
    McQUEEN, Duncan (2) 1.1
    McQUEEN, Grace (3) 1.3.4
    McQUEEN, James (3) 1.3.5
    McQUEEN, Jane (3) 1.3.8
    McQUEEN, John (3) 1.3.6
    McQUEEN, Lilly (3) 1.3.7
    McQUEEN, Mary (3) 1.3.1
    McQUEEN, William John (3) 1.3.9
    NAIRN, Lillias, spouse of (1) 1.
    STEWART, John, spouse of (3) 1.3.7

  116. tsweeney FROM NAME=Mac Sweeney Doe Ireland 119 Beatha agus sláinte/ Life and health, Congratulations re your excellent web site. I have read your account of the McQueen Family/Clan with great interest. The history of the Mac Sweeneys of Doe in Donegal, by Fergus Gillespie, Deputy Chief Herald of Ireland, is posted on our web site and my direct descent from the last publicly inaugurated Chief of Doe, Maolmhuire/ Sir Myles Mac Sweeney, Chief 1596-1630, has been verified by a professional genealogist, commissioned on the advocacy of the Chief Herald of Ireland. The Chiefly family of Mac Sweeney Doe descends from the Chiefly family of Mac Sween of Castle Sween, Kintyre, and I understand that the McQueen Clan also descends from the Mac Sweens of Castle Sween. I wonder if we can establish links? Regards, Mac Sweeney Doe/ Mac Suibhne na dTuath (Tomás).
  117. denniswmcqueen FROM NAME=Dennis Wayne McQueen In USA 120 my name is Dennis Wayne McQueen from the u.s. state of indiana
  118. ccc FROM NAME=Larry Coyle Thomas NC USA 121 Let me Introduce myself, I am Larry Coyle Thomas, 318 Hawkins Avenue, Sanford, NC 27330-3626, I am an Professional Genealogist, I was Researching my wife Family, and of all the Information that I did find, my wife is Janice P. Birdsong, her Mother is Agnes Canada, born 1916, her Father was Boland Bolen Baker Canada, of Christmas Florida, ABT (10) Miles South of Orlando Florida, Boland Baker Canada Father, was Francis Marion Canada, born July 1840, Died 1903, wife Margaret Albritton, all of Florida, Francis Marion Canada Father was John Milledge ( Ossio Yahulta) Canady, * Spelling, born 1808 in Charlton County, GA, wife was Sari Missouri Powell born Tallahassee Territory, GA, born 1793, Died 1850, in Charlton County, GA, Note one of her Brother was John William (Billy Osceola) Powell, The Great Seminole Indian Chief, Sari was the Daughter of John William Powell, Sr, Born 1761 in Coleraine Ireland, John or William Powell wife was "Chekila" Polly Ann Monlac Coppinger, Daughter of Don Jose Coppinger, He was born in Spain , appointed by the King of Spain to Divide The Land of Florida For The Spanish Land Grant, also Governor For The Eastern Part of Florida, His Wife was Ann Nancy McQueen, Born ABT 1769 in Tallahassee Indian Terr, GA, She was the Daughter of James McQueen and Wife Kathryn Fraser(Red Stick Creek), James McQueen was born around 1683, Died 1811, He joined the Creek Nation in 1716, the first White Man among the Creek , He became an Chief among the Creek Indian, His wife was an full Blooded Creek, The Dawes Rolls have him registered on page 538 under "CREEK BY BLOOD" his number is 2533 He Fathered (4) Children, I do hope all the Information is okay if not please let me know, well I will close for now, and best regard, Long Live the Great Indian Spirit, I live in North Carolina, the Home of the Great Cherokee Indian Nation, in fact an William Thomas, helped them developed the first Indian Alabret, and I take Pity that they was send by Tears of Blood, to Oklahoma, an Great Sin by the White Man, Larry Coyle Thomas.
  119. kendra84759 FROM NAME=???? USA 122 My maiden name is McQueen. My father grew up and still lives in Indiana. His father's name was Boston McQueen. MY father's name is Preston. I am trying to find any genealogy of my family that I can. If you can help me in any way, please email me. Thank you
  120. mike_avis FROM NAME=Michael John Avis Australia 124 Hello, My name is Michael John Avis (McQueen). I was born in Fredericton New Brunswick with the name of Micheal McQueen, September 9th 1971. I was adopted at 3 months. I am searching for my birth mother Ruby McQueen who was serving in the Canadian Armed Forces around that time. I believe that she was an American citizen. Maybe you could put this on your site on the off chance that she was doing a search and there could be contact. I am now living in Santiago Chile teaching english literature in a high school Thank you, Micheal McQueen
  121. smcqueen FROM NAME=Stuart McQueen Tas Australia 125Hi All, Just thought I would drop in a line after I stumbled apon your web site. I'm curious as to see if I'm a part of your family tree. A little bit of in for on me. I Grew up in Tasmania Australia my fathers name is Steve and his father was Rex McQueen. I don't know if this of any help at al but would be good to hear back on. With thanks
  122. pcharette FROM and gansettgirl FROM NAME=Peggy L. (Mcqueen) Charette Narragansett, RI USA 126 While I was looking through the wab for a copy of the McQueen Coat of Arms I Came across an interesting websit. I have always been interested in the history of the Mcqueen Family and would like to get to know more of the family. My father(James Allen McQueen, 1932-1996) is from The Hutchinson/Nickerson area of Kansas. I currently Live in Narragansett, RI, with my younger Brother Peter Louis McQueen, I have an older Brother, Douglas Allen McQueen, of Mt. Home, ID and a sister Karen Joy (McQueen) Dimon of MN.
  123. willbqueen FROM NAME=Mary Willadene McQueen Baugh ?? USA 126 My line, as far back as I can go, begins with Samuel 1750 Yadkin River, NC, Thomas 1780, William Carter 1813, William Johnson 1854, Lee (Leonidas) 1899, Mary Willadene 1932. Would like to hear from anyone who might know who Samuel's father was. Questions (1) - Who is the father of Samuel McQueen - we have heard it could be John or Dugger McQueen. (2) What part of Scotland were our McQueens from? (3) Where and when did our McQueens first land in America? A story that came down through the family for years is that when our McQueens left Scotland the man of the family had his left ear lobe cut off and the woman had a cut on the back of her left hand. These were signs that they had rebelled against the King, so that they could remain Coventantors or Presbyterian. They were told that if they ever returned to Scotland, they would be shot on site because of these signs. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for your great site. I will be just a little bit clearer. I have what I call a straight line of my family - I list one member of each generation and their children, but I do not go into a list of all the offsprings.I have each child's name and birth of the below mentioned households and can provide them to anyone who is interested.
    • Samuel McQueen born 1750, Yadkin River, NC Scottish decent. Married Hannah Dugger. 8 children.
    • Thomas McQueen born 1780, Yadkin River NC Married Barbara Maria Wills. 15 children
    • William Carter McQueen born 1813, Jonesville, Lee County, Virginia Married Elizabeth Mink 9 children
    • William Johnson McQueen born 26 July 1854 Lee County, Virginia Married (five times) Elizabeth Miller,
    • Emily Carolyn Lunsford, Malinda Jane Dyche, Haila Jane Sloan Clark, Bell Lunsford.
    • raised 15 children and 3 step children
    • Lee (Leonidas) McQueen born 28 Jan 1899 Married (twice) Eliza Nantz, Mary Gertrude Mullins. 3 children
    • Mary Willadene McQueen born 30 April 1932 Married Joseph A Baugh 0 children.
  124. joqueen26 FROM Jody McQueen-Walker Jamaica 127 Well let me get straight to the point, my name is jody McQueen-Walker, I recently married and I'm from Jamaica. MyMothers name is Sheila Henry, My fathers name is Walter McQueen and I have five brothers. They follow in the order that we were born. Wayne McQueen, Morlan McQueen, Craig McQueen, Howard McQueen and Conrad McQueen. We are all Jamaicans. I will like to get in contact with all my family in England as I understand, there is a lot of McQueen's around but I'm not sure. If possible can you see if in anyway we are related. I know my family originates from the UK & the US. Lack of resources have lead me to not able to track them down. Now with this new method I hope I can contact them to let them now that they are being sought.
  125. terseydale FROM NAME=Dale M. Tersey Tucson, Arizona USA. 128 Here's a bit more for your website. My Grandmother was a McQueen from Quinter Kansas. We have genealogy from her grandad as follows:

    William McQueen, b. Apr 28, 1835, Ayershire Scotland. Son of Ivie James
    McQueen b. 1785 in Scotland Came to America at age 16 and settled in
    Messaden, Ohio
    m. Janett Woodburn, July 27, 1842 in Michigan
    d. Feb 8, 1918, Santa Ana California

    Son Hugh Woodburn McQueen, b. 4/20/1866 Mercer County, Iowa d. 1922,
    Fresno California
    m. Catherine Elizabeth Dunn, May 7, 1890
    Sons William McQueen - No info - from a 1903 photo of William & Janett with children
    Elizabeth Amanda (McQueen)Kentch,
    Clementine (McQueen) Mackey,
    Agnes McQueen

    Hugh Woodburn McQueen
    Ora Evelyn (McQueen) Kentch (my grandmother) b. Sep 4,1904
    Minnie Olive (McQueen) Schuetz b. Apr. 4, 1891, d. Dec 1966
    Two adopted sons,
    Billy (from photo dated 1910)

    I have found a more definitive listing of this branch of the McQueens in America that are descendants of Ivie James McQueen of Blairkip, Ayr Scotland

    The pages of genealogy are:

    These are from Ken Skinner at:

    with a bit of history at

  126. shirley FROM NAME=Shirley [Kentch] Tersey ?? USA 129 My son found the site and sent it to me My Grandfather is Hugh woodburn McQueen his father was William McQueen and Mother Was Janet Woodburn William was born 1835 in Blairkip,Ayrshire Scotland and died 1918 in Santa Ana California, My mother was Ora Evelyn McQueen [Kentch] daughter of Hugh McQueen. from Appanoose County Iowa Generation is William McQueen born 1835 Ayershire Scotland wife Janet Woodburn born 1842 Mich. I do know 4 brothers had family names as middle names, like Preston-Woodburn-Patton- Renwick. Would like my familey added to your list.
  127. 0402FROM NAME=David Mcqueen Liverpool UK 130 Hi my name is David Mcqueen born 1953 in Liverpool England.I am looking for any info on the Mcqueens living in Maybole Ayr Scotland from 1840 to 1870 or round about.Thanks Colin its a great site .Boy do we Mcqueens get about.
  128. kaylenebass62 FROM NAME= Kaylene McQueen Bass OK USA 131 My name is Kaylene McQueen Bass, I live in Eufaula, Oklahoma, I am 62 years old. My father is John Morton McQueen and he lives in Wetumka Oklahoma and is 67 years old. I have a nephew in Reno,Nevada that has a lot of information on the McQueen family. It would be great to share information.
  129. davidmcqueen1 FROM NAME=David McQueen GE USA 132 Hi there . My name is David McQueen . I live in Savannah , Georgia , USA . Great idea for a website . Feel free to include me in any part of the site and let me know if I can help in any way .
  130. vdowding FROM NAME=Verna McQueen Dowding Canada ??? 133 Hi I am Verna McQueen Dowding a descendent of John Alexander McQueen in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, he married Della Phamie Prentice. My Great Great, Great Grandfather James McQueen was born in Perthshire Scotland who served in the Cold Stream Guards, was honourably discharged, and had 2 sons, John and James who came to Canada in the 1800's as documented by James arrival in 1834. John our great Great Great Grandfather was born December 22, 1793 in "Auld Newton" parish of Kilmadock, Doune, Perthshire, Scotland. He died November 29, 1880. He lived at Georgetown then later settled near Thorndale Ontario, and was a blacksmith by trade.
  131. ellen_kennett FROM NAME=Ellen Kennett USA?? 134 I am looking for Abram McQueen from Onondaga New York 1800. Can you help me. Plus Hosea P McQueen too. He died in Iowa. He was married to Ethel O Duncan.
  132. mather FROM NAME Dawn Mather Aus 135 My great grandfather was William Stewart McQueen born in Kirkcolm, Wigtonshire 1837 to Thomas McQueen and Mary Douglas. He married Mary Stewart in Glasgow 1867 where he had 11 children. -James,William, John, Mary, Bessie, William, John,Jane, James, Peter and Maud. Does anybody have any information on this McQueen branch? Peter and John went to Australia. My maiden name is McQueen and I am part of Australian branch.
  133. ahurdis FROM NAME=Annette Hurdis AUS 136 John McQueen who would have arrived about this time (1814) and went on to become an auctioneer is of particular interest to me. With lack of information at this generation, I have become stuck in my MacQueen research.
  134. tjmcqueen FROM NAME=Tony and Justine McQueen AUS 137 I would like to add my family to the list I am Tony McQueen Of the Gold Coast Australia I have a wife Called Justine two children called Kyle and Stevie. My father Is Thomas McQueen Jr And My mother Is Elizabeth McQueen (nee Downey) Who immigrated from Glasgow to Australia in 1964. I have three sisters Lisa Paula and Jackie all of different names except for Paula.
  135. brianrbrown FROM NAME=Brian Brown IL USA 138 Hello and good day to you. My name is Brian R. Brown from Effingham, Illinois. I have a copy of my family tree that shows a very close relationship with the McQueen family that goes back to Ruth McQueen daughter of Dugal McQueen and Grace Brown-McLean. Ruth married John Brown around 1745 in Carrol County, Maryland. My questions are: Does your family have anything about John Brown prior to his marriage to
    Ruth; And: Is there any links to further trace the family McQueen prior to Dugal McQueen being sent to America as an indentured servant after the war with England in 1715.
  136. kjim31 FROM or stephmcq FROM NAME=Kim McQueen WI USA 139 We would like you to put this on the website, I do not know the linage of Stephen and would like to know more about the McQueens. My husband's name is Stephen Allen McQueen born in Dayton, Ohio USA on 12-16-1955 to a Charles McQueen and Shirley Rubush-McQueen (Spelling of her maiden name not sure.) Stephen has 4 children from a previous marriage to Margaret McQueen, Stephanie, Leslie, Natalie, Sean. The last know address is Cheyenne, Wyoming USA. Recently remarried on January 10, 2003, Stephen married Kimberly Collins born 7/12/1967 adopted from Vietnam raised in Merrillville, Indiana USA. We have 2 girls Lindsey Elena Marie McQueen born January 2, 2001 and Samantha Rose McQueen born on September 7, 2002. We reside in Milladore Wisconsin a small town of about 300 people.
    This picture was taken April 2005
    If the children from Wyoming happen to this website and would like to contact us please feel free to. We would like to here from you.
  137. paula.mcqueen1 FROM NAME=Gary John McQueen ?? 140 Hello.My name is Gary John McQueen.
  138. Goldenview FROM or Schonowe FROM NAME=John McQueen ?? 141 I Would like to join the McQueen Family Website. Please email me. Thanks.
  139. am004g3387 FROM NAME=Alan James McQueen UK 142 Many thanks for the interesting site. I'm quite shocked as to how many of us McQueen's there are. When i have time i shall fill you in on my family history .
  140. gillian.lawson16 FROM NAME=ROBERT LAWSON Liv UK 143 Very intersting read thank you very much. My Grandparents Isobel McQueen and her late husband Ronald McQueen are both from Hebburn Tyne and Wear. I am from Liverpool so dont see her often but will make sure to enquire about McQueens in more detail!
  141. mamita184 FROM NAME=Jennifer Ruiz 144 Hi my name is Jennifer Ruiz and I came across your web site. I am half researching my family Geanology and I am related to a James McQueen from Scotland. I was hoping that maybe you knew some more about the McQueens. If you do please let me know. Thank you for your time,
  142. dobrien FROM NAME=Dianne O'Brien Australia?? 145 James McQueen was my great grandfather. His son (my grandfather) was William Alexander born 1875? and married my grandmother Stella Corlac Lord in Perth West Australia, they had 3 children Dorothy(my Mother) Audrey (dec) and William(Bill) does any one have any additional info on my grandfather? He left the family while the children were young, Died Perth WA in 1950? My mother was a McQueen, James and Flora ,Isle of Skye in Scotland are her granparents and we are wanting to get in contact perhaps with any other relatives in Australia or perhaps Scotland as we believe that where my grandfather was a Baptist minister the church house is still occupied by relatives. We live in West Australia and would love to know if there is also any relatives here.
  143. JBau1956 FROM NAME=Judy McQueen Erlanger Ky USA 146 Please can you tell me how to get on this site? I am a McQueen from Kentucky. I would love to try and start a family tree. It would be great if you could add mine can you tell me what all you need to know Thanks. You are the best, hey we may be related.
  144. cassandra_mcqueeen FROM NAME=Cassandra (nee Beckley) McQueen Australia 147 My name is Cassandra and I have been designing web pages for about eight years now. I am researching the family tree of the McQueens. I have McQueens in Geelong and also McQueens in Daylesford and I am having trouble connecting the two families, however I believe they are connected. My inlaws are Norman McQueen and Lorraine Marriott. Norms parents are John James McQueen and Doris Jean Allwood.. All of Geelong. I have heaps of info on the Daylesford McQueens. Maybe we have the same relatives or maybe there are some connections. Please write back to me . Lots of McQueen info here. Original page here
  145. smq57 FROM NAME=Steve McQueen NI UK 148 My name is Stephen McQueen. I live in Northern Ireland and was born in Belfast in 1957. I am married to Sonya (nee Ferris) and have 2 daughters Leah and Rachel. My brother Michael was born in 1965 and lives in Belfast. He is married to Lynne (nee Abbot) and has 2 daughters Rose and Grace. My father James McQueen (1931-2006) grew up in the Oldpark area of Belfast. My mum Irene (nee Rickey 1931-1976) had family connections to Co Fermanagh. My dads sister Helen O'Sullivan and his brother Hugh both emigrated to Western Australia in the late sixties /early seventies and are both still alive. His sister Madge Brown died approx 20 years ago and his sister Betty Mills died this year. My grand father George served in the First and Second world wars. My grandmothers maiden name was McAuley (Helen) and she was from Kells Co Antrim. I know virtually nothing of my family background back past this point except that there is a connection to Pomeroy Co Tyrone, and that the family originated from the Western Isles of Scotland. Having just looked at your website I am impressed with the interest levels in the McQueen Family name around the globe. It is weird how he same Christian names keep popping up across the generations! I am looking forward to doing some more research and have found this site very helpful and interesting.
  146. greg.mcqueen FROM NAME=Greg McQueen Denmark 149 My name is Greg McQueen. I am actually the youngest son of Geoff McQueen, who you have kindly listed on your web site as a famous McQueen :-) I thought you may like a better photo of my Dad. The photo is (was) one of his publicity pictures.I was born in London in 1971 and moved here to Aarhus in Denmark in 2001. I'm not married, however, I have been with my girlfriend Mai for twelve years and we're due to have our first baby (a girl) in January... Another McQueen to add to the clan! My Mum, Jan McQueen, lives in Royston in Hertfordshire, as does my older brother Matthew. Feel free to add them to the site too, I'm sure they wouldn't mind
  147. diane.mcqueen FROM NAME=Diane McQueen Ayrshire Scotland 151 Hi, my name is Diane McQueen, I live in Ayrshire Scotland. While reading extracts from your book I came across a photo of my uncle Gordon in the famous McQueen section. I would be really Interested in hearing from you and learning about my family history. I would be grateful if you could e-mail me. Many thanks.
  148. margaretmchale FROM NAME=Margaret McQueen McHale ?? 151 Interested on more of the McQueen Clan my grand farther John McGregor McQueen was Born in Nestle out side Edinburgh. and my Grandma Jane Loan McQueen was born in Cambria ,my grandma's mother came from the Isle of Whithorn and her father from Wigtownshire, is there a web site for the McQueen's? Thank you xxx
  149. admin FROM NAME=Admin ?? Scotland 152 Hi, You'll note a link to your clan website at The Scottish Tartans Website. We write with a view to you considering adding a reciprocal link which would be mutually beneficial in attracting more traffic and members. Please feel free to revert to us with any other comments you may have. Thanking You.
  150. NAME Sue Wood ?? (Also at 113) Colin may I please be added to your list.
    Descendants of Kenneth McQUEEN
    1-Kenneth McQUEEN b. Circa 1770, Bracadale Skye Inverness Scotland
     +Mary MACLEAN b. Circa 1781, Bracadale Skye Inverness Scotland
    |-----2-Catherine McQUEEN b. Circa 1813, Bracadale Skye Inverness Scotland,
    |       bap. 14 Jan 1813, Bracadale Sky Inverness Scotland
    |-----2-(Effy) Euphemia McQUEEN b. 1814, Bracadale  Skye Inverness Scotland,
    |       bap. 12 Dec 1814, Minginish Bracadale Skye Scotland, d. Jun 1904, Digby
    |       Victoria Australia, bur. 4 Jun 1904, Digby Victoria Australia
    |      +James GRANT b. Circa 1823, m. 23 Feb 1848, Bracadale Sky Inverness
    |       Scotland, d. 1898, Digby Victoria Australia, bur. Digby Victoria
    |       Australia
    |     |-----3-GRANT
    |-----2-Donald McQUEEN b. 1819, Bracadale Sky Inverness Scotland, bap. 17 Jul
    |       1819, Bracadale Sky Inverness Scotland
    |-----2-Christy McQUEEN b. 1821, Bracadale Sky Inverness Scotland, bap. 9th Oct
    |       1821, Bracadale Sky Inverness Scotland
    |      +Malcolm STEWART m. Feb 27th 1840, Portree, Inverness, Scotland
    |-----2-Mary McQUEEN b. About 1827, Talisker Skye Scotland, d. 22 Jun 1893,
    |       Merino Victoria Australia, bur. 23 Jun 1893, Merino Victoria Australia
    |      +Thomas MILLER b. 27 Sep 1819, Bunkle & Preston Berwick Scotland, bap.
    |       Bunkle & Preston Berwick Scotland, m. 15 Jan 1857, Digby Victoria
    |       Australia, par. George MILLER and Helen (Ellen) RENTON
    |     |-----3-George MILLER b. 1858, Konongwootong Victoria Australia
    |     |-----3-Mary Ann MILLER b. 15 Apr 1859, Digby Victoria Australia, d. 24
    |     |       Feb 1937, Coleraine Victoria Australia, bur. 26 Feb 1937,
    |     |       Coleraine Victoria Australia
    |     |      +Stephen James McMAHON b. 17 Apr 1857, Lake Wallace  Victoria
    |     |       Australia, m. 28 Apr 1878, St. Joseph's Coleraine Victoria
    |     |       Australia, d. 15 Aug 1914, Hamilton Victoria Australia, bur. 16
    |     |       Aug 1914, Coleraine Victoria Australia, par. Patrick MAUGHAN and
    |     |       Dorothy (Dora) NOLAN
    |     |     |-----4-Margaret (Maggie) McMAHON b. 13 Jun 1879, Coleraine
    |     |     |       Victoria Australia, d. 19 Oct 1941
    |     |     |      +Herbert Lemione CORNISH b. 11 Sep 1881, m. 18 Dec 1903,
    |     |     |       Holy Trinity Coleraine Victoria Australia, d. 2 Sep 1957,
    |     |     |       Hamilton Victoria Australia
    |     |     |     |-----5-Gladys May CORNISH b. 21 Jun 1905, d. 30 Jan 1985
    |     |     |     |-----5-Eileen Thelma (Thelma) CORNISH b. 29 Dec 1909, d. 20
    |     |     |     |       Mar 1980
    |     |     |     |-----5-Basil Norman Herbert CORNISH b. 15 May 1912, d. 19
    |     |     |     |       Apr 2000, Castlemaine Victoria Australia
    |     |     |-----4-Stephen George McMAHON b. 25 Mar 1881, Coleraine Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia, d. 4 Dec 1948, Coleraine Victoria Australia,
    |     |     |       bur. 5 Dec 1948, Coleraine Victoria Australia
    |     |     |      +Kate FRANKLIN b. Camperdown Victoria Australia, m. 26 Sep
    |     |     |       1911, Coleraine Victoria Australia, par. James FRANKLIN and
    |     |     |       Unknown
    |     |     |     |-----5-Eileen Marion McMAHON b. 1912, Coleraine Victoria
    |     |     |     |       Australia, d. 1978, Coleraine Victoria Australia
    |     |     |     |-----5-Lindsay Stephen McMAHON b. 1913, Coleraine Victoria
    |     |     |     |       Australia, d. 17 Jul 1989, Warrnambool Victoria
    |     |     |     |       Australia
    |     |     |-----4-Mary Ellen (Molly) McMAHON b. 17 Sep 1882, Coleraine
    |     |     |       Victoria Australia, d. 30 Oct 1965
    |     |     |      +John Henrey George (Harry) BLACKNEY b. About 1882, m. 1916,
    |     |     |       d. 16 Aug 1953
    |     |     |-----4-Andrew McMAHON b. 28 Aug 1884, Coleraine Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia, d. 7 Sep 1962, Hamilton Victoria Australia
    |     |     |-----4-Rose Veronica McMAHON b. 14 Sep 1886, Coleraine Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia, d. 1 Mar 1969
    |     |     |      +John Valentine (Jack) McGRATH b. 14 Feb 1878, m. 17 Nov
    |     |     |       1915, d. 11 Jan 1965
    |     |     |     |-----5-Dorothy (Dorrie) May McGRATH b. 27 Aug 1916, Moonee
    |     |     |     |       Ponds Melbourne Victoria Australia
    |     |     |     |-----5-John Valentine (Val) McGRATH b. 3 Mar 1925
    |     |     |-----4-Annie McMAHON b. 7 Jul 1888, Coleraine Victoria Australia,
    |     |     |       d. 15 Aug 1955, St. Albans Melbourne Victoria Australia,
    |     |     |       bur. 17 Aug 1955, Cremated Melbourne
    |     |     |      +George Thomas (Tom) PYLE b. 29 Oct 1892, Murroon Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia, bap. 15 Jan 1893, Dean's Marsh Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia, m. 2 Jun 1915, Hamilton Victoria Australia., d.
    |     |     |       11 Jul 1974, Geelong Victoria Australia, bur. 12 Jul 1974,
    |     |     |       Geelong West Victoria Australia, par. William John PYLE and
    |     |     |       Elizabeth (Betsy) LE BATT
    |     |     |     |-----5-Kathleen Mary M PYLE b. 6 Aug 1916, Hamilton, Vic.,
    |     |     |     |       Aus, d. 11 Feb 1918, Colac, Vic., Aus, bur. After 11
    |     |     |     |       Feb 1918, Yaugher Cemetery Forrest Victoria Australia
    |     |     |     |-----5-Eileen Thelma PYLE b. 20 Oct 1917, Birregurra
    |     |     |     |       Victoria Australia, d. 9 Aug 2004, Melbourne Victoria
    |     |     |     |       Australia
    |     |     |     |-----5-Gladys May PYLE b. 28 Sep 1919, Birregurra Victoria
    |     |     |     |       Australia, d. 24 Jan 2012, Geelong Victoria
    |     |     |     |       Australia, bur. 27 Jan 2012, Geelong Victoria
    |     |     |     |       Australia
    |     |     |     |-----5-George Thomas PYLE b. 17 Sep 1921, Birregurra
    |     |     |     |       Victoria Australia., d. 15 Apr 2005, Geelong Victoria
    |     |     |     |       Australia, bur. 21 Apr 2005 c, Geelong Victoria
    |     |     |     |       Australia
    |     |     |-----4-Ellen (Nell) McMAHON b. 27 Aug 1890, Coleraine Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia, d. 26 Jan 1974, Rosebud Victoria Australia, bur.
    |     |     |       Hamilton Victoria Australia
    |     |     |      +Robert DEAN b. 10 Jun 1888, m. 21 May 1911, Hamilton
    |     |     |       Victoria Australia, d. 5 Dec 1971, Hamilton Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia, bur. Hamilton Victoria Australia
    |     |     |     |-----5-Eileen May Miller DEAN b. 27 Jun 1912, Hamilton
    |     |     |     |       Victoria Australia, d. After 1985
    |     |     |     |-----5-Robert Keith DEAN b. 2 May 1914, Hamilton Victoria
    |     |     |     |       Australia, d. 22 Jul 1998, Queensland Australia
    |     |     |-----4-Edith Ethel May (Doll) McMAHON b. 13 Jul 1892, Coleraine
    |     |     |       Victoria Australia, d. 24 Feb 1945, Melbourne Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia.
    |     |     |      +George Cobling EVANS m. 1918
    |     |     |-----4-Tom McMAHON b. 25 Sep 1894, Coleraine Victoria Australia,
    |     |     |       d. 10 Nov 1966, Hidleberg Victoria Australia, bur. 12 Nov
    |     |     |       1966, Box Hill Victoria Australia
    |     |     |      +Florence (Flo) Sylvia BROWN b. 30 Jun 1908, Carlton
    |     |     |       Victoria Australia, m. 7 Apr 1934, Kew Victoria Australia,
    |     |     |       d. 7 Jan 1987, Burwood Victoria Australia, bur. Jan 1987,
    |     |     |       Springvale Victoria Australia, par. Lloyd BROWN and
    |     |     |       Charlotte GILBERT
    |     |     |     |-----5-June Patricia McMAHON b. 11 Mar 1936, Melbourne
    |     |     |     |       Victoria Australia
    |     |     |     |-----5-Suzette (Sue) Dolores McMAHON b. 2 May 1939,
    |     |     |     |       Melbourne Victoria Australia
    |     |     |-----4-George Miller McMAHON b. 20 Nov 1896, Coleraine Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia, d. 29 May 1978, Geelong Victoria, bur. 31 May
    |     |     |       1978, Geelong Victoria
    |     |     |      +Myrtle Claremont ALDRIDGE b. 1901, m. 1924, d. 20 May 1977,
    |     |     |       Geelong Victoria, bur. 23 May 1977, Geelong Victoria
    |     |     |     |-----5-Gordon Miller McMAHON b. 6th Nov1925, Geelong
    |     |     |     |       Victoria Australia, d. 20 Jul 1984, Springvale
    |     |     |     |       Melbourne Victoria Australia, bur. 7 Aug 1984,
    |     |     |     |       Ballarat Cermatorium Vivtoria Australia
    |     |     |-----4-Cathleen Julia McMAHON b. 3 Mar 1900, Coleraine Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia, d. 24 Mar 1994, Melbourne Victoria Australia
    |     |            +Wilson James BLURTON m. 1924, d. 20 Aug 1980
    |     |-----3-Ellen MILLER b. 1861, Digby Victoria Australia, d. Jul 1914,
    |     |       Merino Victoria Australia, bur. Jul 1914, Merino Victoria
    |     |       Australia
    |     |      +James McDONALD b. 26 Jan 1862, Sandford Victoria Australia, m.
    |     |       1886, d. 6 Aug 1914, Hamilton Victoria Australia, bur. 7 Aug
    |     |       1914, Merino Victoria Australia, par. John McDONALD and Mary Ann
    |     |       (Ann) Nicholson BROWN
    |     |     |-----4-Rose Elizabeth Teresa McDONALD b. 1889, Merino Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia, d. 15 Jul 1962, Port Melbourne Victoria
    |     |     |       Australia
    |     |     |      +Robert John FIELD
    |     |     |-----4-John Thomas McDONALD b. 1891, Merino Victoria Australia, d.
    |     |     |       1935, Heywood Victoria Australia
    |     |     |-----4-James William McDONALD b. 1894, Merino Victoria Australia
    |     |            +Gladys Meletia (Mary) WOODS
    |     |-----3-Thomas MILLER b. 1863, Konongwootong Victoria Australia
    |     |      +Edith ROOKE
    |     |-----3-Christina MILLER b. 1865, Konongwootong Victoria Australia, d.
    |     |       1878, Merino Victoria Australia
    |-----2-Malcolm McQUEEN b. About 1827, Talisker Skye Scotland
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