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"A McQueen Family Historical Tour"

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If not, you may be missing out on information that may relate to your own McQueen heritage !
You can read an extract from The Origins Of The McQueens.
Sheila McQueen Ellison, a 10th generation descendant of the first known McQueens in America (1685) has published a 140-page soft-cover book,

"A McQueen Family Historical Tour"

and a 27-page supplement. The book, with 14 black-and-white pictures, traces McQueen family branches from South Carolina, South Alabama, Virginia, East Tennessee and New York from their earliest known roots (most from the early 1700s) to present-day. Traces by generation each family's migration across the Appalachian Mountains and the American heartland to Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington and California. Traces Seminole Indian McQueen descendants from South Alabama and Florida (Chief Osceola) to Oklahoma. Contains some African-American McQueen references. Contains excerpts from the personal diary of James McQueen of South Carolina (1786-1832) and the personal journal of Creek Indian Mrs. Muskogee Yargee Ross, a descendant of James McQueen (1693-1811 {yes, he really lived to 128!}) who was the first white man among the Creek Indians, and the grandfather of Chief Osceola. Extensive information on the descendants of North Carolina and East Tennessee McQueens (Samuel McQueen/Hannah Dugger descendants), who were acquaintances of Daniel Boone and were present in Tennessee even before the founding of the Lost State of Franklin. If you are researching this branch of the McQueen family, there is information here you may find nowhere else, as much of it comes from a previously mimeographed manuscript from the 1956, when family member Carl Neal interviewed hundreds of East Tennessee "old-timers" about the family history!

Learn how early McQueens arrived in America as prisoners. Learn about McQueens' participation in the American Revolution and the Spanish-American War. Learn which branches fought for the south during the Civil War, and which fought for the north (the majority of them!). Learn about McQueens who were POWs or died in battle during WWII. Learn which McQueens are related to actor Steve McQueen. Learn about the "lost" descendants of Orville Rice McQueen and how the family was reunited after reading this book! Find out if you are related to Coach Bobby Bowden, the Dalton Gang, Davy Crockett, or one of the many other notable Americans who can trace their lineage to a McQueen family membe!

The book may be ordered by mailing a check or money order for $10.00 U.S. Dollars (includes tax and postage) to:

Don't miss the opportunity to obtain the best collection of genealogy listings and study resources available on McQueens in America. This is not an alphabetical "telephone directory" listing, but a true genealogical study of the McQueen family, including family tales and legends, and as much personal information on each family as could be gathered. You will not be disappointed in its content and format!

Sheila McQueen Ellinson

Since putting up this page Shiela has had many contacts from people (mostly in America) but elsewhere also, and have sold many books to people interested in "the family". She has also been asked by others who already have the book if it may be updated but she feels it would not be financially viable. She is very happy to receive contact from anyone about locating American relatives, even if they don't desire to purchase the book.
Page last updated on 3 June, 2005